Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Sucker for Eyeshadow?

After a lot of Maybellines that I got a few days before, I still can't control myself not to buy another makeup stuff.

I told you how I'm trying to create a look to match my birthday dress, and I have a light green look in my mind. The problem is, I don't have a light green eyeshadow.. Yes, my makeup collections are not that much! Anyway, I was wandering around at the mall (with no intention to shop, please note!) when I saw this PAC counter. And I thought, "Hey, let's just drop by and take a look around."

But, everything didn't go according to the plan. Because I saw this beautiful kinda green-ish yellow single eyeshadow, and I fell in love. And also a shimmery blue eyeshadow. I tried to swatched those colors on my hand, and they looked even more beautiful. Hiks. This lovely beauty assistant told me that they're out of those products right now. But.. they have those two colors in one of those eyeshadow quad palette. That way, I got the colors that I wanted, plus two others. So, I bought it!

And this is what I got:

A Rainbow Chic palette. You see, they have red, yellow and green, for the rainbow, I guess. And the blue one as the sky. You can get this palette for only Rp 100.000

And here are the swatches:

Oh, so pretty colors.. I think the red one is kinda hideous. I'm not very excited about it either. But I love love love the rest.

And I love it even more, because I already got three eye makeup looks, using this palette. Well, combined with other color and I didn't use the red one at all. And I did the look for my birthday! Yippie! I really wanted to post the looks I did before as tutorials, unfortunately my camera batteries are out of power and I can't find my charger! But we can do that later, can we?