Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Time Marble Nails

Finally tried to do marble nails. I've always wanted to try this but I didn't have any nail polishes before. As I said, I don't wear nail polish daily in hospital. So when I ran out of the last batch of my nail polishes, I didn't even bother to buy new polishes. Now I'm re-building my nail polish collection, so I have some that I can use for marbling. For this look, I use OPI Bogota Blackberry (berry red) and China Glaze Jingle Bells (gold). Out of all the polishes I currently own, I think these two colors are the only colors that go together. So here goes!

I must say, marbling is fun! I love mixing the colors, watching the colors spread on water and playing with toothpick, creating design! What I hate is applying the tape all over my nails. Geez! It's time consuming, troublesome and I keep sticking my fingers with another. But, as troublesome as it is, never ever forget to apply scotch tape surrounding your nails, otherwise here's a good example on what's gonna happen.

Messy nail polish on my skin. Gross!!!

Since this is my first time, I have so many things I have to get used to in marbling. Other than applying tape without sticking my fingers altogether, of course. I need to learn to work fast before the polishes dry and crack on the surface of the water. There are some pixelated dots that I picked up on my nails because I kept dipping my nails on area where the polishes are kinda dry and crack. That's another thing I need to work on too. I also need to work on making the design. As yo can see in this look, the design is super random. Many people I watched on youtube can make so many neat loops or stripes, I want that!

I didn't really plan on doing marble so I didn't really prepare for this. There are three layers of OPI It's My Year underneath this marble. I was wearing It's My Year, and after watching some videos on youtube I was, like, I wanna make marble nails! And I did it anyway without removing my previous polish. I don't think It's My Year have any impact on the finishing of my marble nails. But of course, another time I'll use a more proper base color.

Anyway, I just want to documented this look in this lovely Saturday afternoon. Because by Sunday night, I'll be removing all of these and go back to work. Ha!

PS. Yes, I have ugly nails. I bite my nails. And to make matter worse, I have really dry skin around my fingers. Don't pick on me, okay?!