Friday, February 17, 2012

Launching of Revlon Lip Butter (Picture Heavy!!)

The latest most awaited product from Revlon is finally here. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you think it’s Colorburst Lip Butter, it is! And to celebrate the launching of the product, Revlon Indonesia together with Cosmopolitan Magazine threw an event for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers. The event was held last Thursday at Poste Kitchen and Bar, Kuningan. In conjunction with the colorful Lip Butter and yummy mouth-watering names of the shade, the dress code for the night was 'Candylicious'. I was excited about the event since it's been so long since the last blogger event and I missed hanging out with my blogger buddies.

Above was my FOTD for the event. I took the picture while I was in parking lot, waiting for Stella ( We decided to go together since we had to cross 3in1 area to reach the venue. So after god-knows-how-many-hours we were sailing through Jakarta's infamous traffic jam, we finally arrived ON TIME! At Poste there were Priscilla (, Anisa ( and mbak Dessy ( arrived early. I was so happy to meet them again. Some of the bloggers who I met for the first time that night were Carryn ( and Catra ( Even Mada (, beauty blogger from Bandung, showed up that night! Other bloggers I met were Putri ( and Leni ( though we didn't get to chat too much. There were so many beauty bloggers whose face are familiar through blogosphere, I was overwhelmed. It is always fun to meet new blogger friends!

Meanwhile, the venue was decorated according to the theme. It was like stepping into a Candyland! The decoration was so cute filled with lollipops.

Looked like Revlon made sure that the venue didn't just look cute, but also sweet and sugary enough. How could it not be? There were lollipops and cupcakes! By the way, do you think my outfit was Candylicious enough? Well, when they said 'candy' I immediately thought colors. So yeah, I didn't even know what kind of candy I was.. but maybe caramel candy? Oh well..

The dinner was served. And while we were enjoying dinner, we were introduced to the product that was launched that night, Colorburst Lip Butter. The idea behind the product is a mixture between lipstick and lipbalm. Enriched with mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter to boost the moisturizing effect. There are 20 colors available and we were offered to try whichever we liked. So I changed my lip color.

And that night, us bloggers were wearing Lip Butter on our lips. I didn't get to snap pictures of everybody. But here's some.

Nisa wearing Sweet Tart. Me wearing Tutti Frutti.

I tried Tutti Frutti at the counter before the event and fell in love instantly. I have really been into coral lately and this Tutti Frutti fits the category. I was thinking about purchasing it but decided to postpone at least until after the launching.

The event was hosted by Iwet Ramadhan and Ari Kirana. And to start the event, Santi Turino, Brand Manager of Revlon Indonesia, gave an opening speech and introduced us to Lip Butter with the beautiful Emma Stone as the face of the product. Because Revlon Indonesia hits the highest selling rate in South East Asia, it was arranged that the launching of Lip Butter is not so far behind the launching in USA so Indonesian customers can try the product immediately. And this is the first launching of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in South East Asia region. We also watched behind the scene of Revlon Lip Butter commercial, starring Emma Stone.

Next was a talk show about latest fashion trend with Dewi Utari (, Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, together with Nina Nikicio (, CEO of the Fashion label Nikicio. And of course since it was an event for fashion and beauty bloggers, it wouldn't be complete without makeup talk. Makeup talk that evening was with makeup artist Hendro Revco and the beautiful Revlon Local Brand Ambassador, Carissa Putri.

Makeup artist for Carissa Putri and Ary Kirana for the evening was Hendro Revco. Carissa Putri looked absolutely stunning. Of course she was wearing Lip Butter and her shade was Cupcake. Carissa said she prefers soft makeup and the lip color really completed the whole look. For the eyes, instead of black, she opted for teal color from CustomEyes palette in Party Pops to line her lower lashline.

Hendro Revco gave out some tips about Lip Butter. He mentioned that Lip Butter is unique in a way that the colors appear differently on different people. So it is very important to try out the products directly on the lips instead of just sweeping it on the hand. Also, it is important to wear moisturizing lip products like Revlon Lip Butter. Not only it protects your lips from dryness, the products could also help remove dead skin on the surface of the lips along when you remove the lipstick.

After some games, door prize and all, the event finally came to an end. All the bloggers took pictures together but unfortunately I had to get home as soon as I can since it was getting late so I missed it. But I did take picture with the host that night, Ary Kirana, who of course wore Lip Butter. Hers was in shade Lollipop. I also managed to snap a picture with Carissa Putri.

Revlon did not let us go home empty handed. We received a goody bag filled with everything sweet. There were lollipops, cupcakes, cotton candy, and the sweetest of all, two Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters. Did I mention I postponed purchasing the color Tutti Frutti? Smart move! Because that's the shade I got, together with Sugar Plum.

By the way, because I worked with Revlon before to review their products, I was asked to do a small interview with O Channel to give my opinion about the event and the product. I was so excited yet nervous at the same time. I believe I just made a fool of myself although they said they will edit the scene first before airing it. So stay tune on O Channel this Sunday at 06.30pm if you wanna watch me embarrassed myself!

Courtesy of Revlon Indonesia. Watch the video here.

On the other hand, big thank you for Revlon Indonesia and Cosmopolitan Magazine for the invitation. It was fun and of course, we want more! ;)


Jennyjule said...

Gw jugannaksirmberat sm yg tutti frutti, dan td lgsg ordermonline dan,

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

I'm in love with Tutti Frutti! Such a beautiful shade.. ^^ Kemana2 pokoknya harus dibawa lip butter ini, hehe..
Great post!

Marcelle Yulianne said...

nah lho, pada doyan sama tutti frutti! :))

cicil: iih.. koq lo udah pake kemana-mana aja sih? udah beli duluan?

Gabby Pali said...

I also love tutti frutti >,< hahaha..

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

@marcelle: maksudnya setelah dapet ini langsung dipake kemana-mana, suka banget sama warnanya.. Orange is the new pink! ^^

Anonymous said...

awww the event look so yummy :D i need the lip butters really it doesn't look like it's coming this way soon enough *sigh*

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@cicil: oh iyyyaa.. kita semua baru dapet pas acara ya. hehehehe... iyah, warnanya seger banget ya! cakep deh..

@mendot: masa blom muncul di belanda? well kalo udah muncul, go grab 'em. teksturnya enak banget, mirip Guerlain yang waktu itu lo beli, yang kurus itu lho :p

pricillia lumantoro said...

love tuti frutti:)

Noniek said...

Love revlon lip butter

Yuri said...

We met at the event hehehe Akhirnya aku menemukann blog mu :)

Lip butters nya yg tutti frutti itu yg warna orange kan yah? penasaran deh sama yg warna itu, it looks great on you!

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