Sunday, February 12, 2012

[Review] Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Guys, I have to share about this brush. It's too amazing, I can not keep it just for myself! So here it is, Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I received it on October, as you've probably seen in my haul entry, and this has been my only foundation brush since then.

I'm sure you're all already familiar with the brand. Real Techniques has been around long enough. It's a brand by Samantha Chapman, one of the two sisters who run Pixiwoo channel on Youtube. Back then, I was watching their videos with Sam and Nic using a bunch of colorful brushes and they kept mentioning the name, Real Techniques. I was interested and thinking about where can I get those brushes. Only to found out that it was Sam's own brush line. Sam and Nick are UK based make up artist but for US residents Real Techniques line is available in Ulta, which is where I ordered this brush (via online seller, of course). Real Techniques is a brand by Paris Presents Incorporated, a company that also produces Ecotools. So if you are familiar with Ecotools, you'll see that the two brands have the same quality as well as affordable price range. They also use eco-friendly materials to support the environment.

In general, Real Techniques brushes are divided into three sections, which are Base brushes, Eye brushes and Finishing brushes that are color coded into Gold for base, Blue for eyes and Purple for finishing. Stippling brush has a purple handle but for me it's more of an all over brush that can be used for base to finishing. I use this mostly for my foundation. On the handle, there's a brand written and, instead of number, the name of the brush. At the base is a flat black rubber so the brush can stand on a flat surface. Which I don't think is necessary but not a bad idea. One time I already pumped my foundation into the brush and realized I forgot to put my primer so I just let the brush stand on the table while I applied my primer. Yeah, just when you thought the flat base would be unnecessary.

The bristles are made out of cruelty-free taklon bristles which I much prefer for foundation brush rather than natural bristles. It's densely packed, the way flat top brush usually is and it has a perfect length so it doesn't tilt when stippled on my face and applied products exactly where I wanted it to be. The solid pixelated tip also delivers more even finish. The diameter is not as huge as, say MAC 187, but it still applies foundation in no time. Thanks to the dense bristles that helps 'push' products around. Below is a picture comparison of Real Techniques stippling brush to other stippling brush (MAC 187 SE). As you can see, MAC's bristles are way longer than Real Techniques' that way, it easily tilts on application (unless you bounce it really really lightly on your face, but I don't do that especially when I'm in a hurry) so products tend to get everywhere outside the area I was meant to cover.

Click for larger image

I use this brush mostly for foundation, cream and liquid. Since it's dense enough, I can wear this to apply even a watery foundation. I use this with swirling motion and if the finishing looks streaky, I can just stipple this brush and the foundations will look smooth. Sam claims that this brush can also be used for powder application, whether it's foundation or blush. Thank God for the tiny diameter, I can use this to apply cream blush without the final result covering my whole apple cheeks and a bit outside that area. Multi-purpose indeed!

After months of applications I don't experience any shedding while using this brush. And the shape stays the same after washing it time after time. I know MAC also made one brush like this. I've been looking for MAC 130 myself. But it's a limited edition and, not to mention, pricey. Now that I have Real Techniques stippling brush, I'm just gonna stick with this one.

So far I couldn't think of any flaw from this brush. Like any other brands, of course there are hits and miss products. And I think this brush deserve to be a hit from Real Techniques. If you're interested, Real Techniques Stippling Brush is available for $9.99 at Ulta but I don't remember hom much I purchased it in IDR. Different online stores might give you different price, but it still falls in affordable category.


Anonymous said...

mau beli real tech brushes-nya dmn ya sis?? aku di jakarta, ada referensi? thx

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@anon: aku sih beli dari seller yang juga anggota forum fashionesedaily. kalo online shop, sori, aku ga tau. seller tempat aku order sih yang punya, coba ke situ aja.