Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 5 Favorites Youtube Beauty Gurus

Like most of people here who are addicted to makeup, I started learn about makeup through youtube. Years ago, I subscribed to many many beauty gurus and watched all of their videos religiously. I believe we are all familiar with big names like Michelle Phan, Elle and Blaire Fowler, Aubrey and all. It was fun to watch those girls not only for the tutorial but also the personality that they brought into the screen. And it's really amazing how youtube changes these girls' life. Anyway, those are the days when I was just a young girl (hey! I was in my early twenty back then) and looking for someone whose makeup skill I could easily follow. And how fun the video and the guru really is an important point for me.

Nowadays, I'm still into youtube. But as grow umm.. mature and now that I'm no longer in beginner state (Not bragging, but I think it's important to know your own level. Plus, you should see some of my first posts.), I found my interest changed. I think, the girls I first subscribed to are way too commercial now, and they're now presenting themselves more as a brand. And it's less about the makeup. Which is not wrong. It's the opportunity they got from youtube and it'd be stupid to waste it. But I also have my own need.

So here's a list of my current TOP 5 Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus, not in particular order.

A channel runs by two sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman. If I remember correctly they were MAC makeup artist. And both are very skillful and talented. They occasionally upload videos about makeup basic, but most of their videos are makeup tutorial. Celebrity makeup inspired, to be exact.

Runs by Wayne Goss. Oh yes, a male beauty guru. Wayne's videos are mostly about techniques. Kind of remind me of Enkore only more advance. Another thing I love about Wayne is the fact that he's not too commercial. And uses many brands that you won't find in Sephora. I heard about brand like Graftobian, Kett, Mehron and such from him. And he's not so easily impressed. So he's not gonna recommend a product just because it's highly raved. Another superficial reason? The wink! Oh, the wink!

Rae's channel really suits me. Why? Simple. You can tell from the name of the channel. Rachel does reviews. A lot. A thorough, in depth review. A thorough review about foundation. A thorough review about HIGH END brands foundation that you don't easily find in the world wide web yet you can easily make mistake when purchasing and wasted a significant amount of money. So to avoid that, enter Rae. She really understands the products and, instead of talks hyper in repetitive vocabulary, she significantly explains about the performance of the products. She also responds to comments regarding the products.

Many beauty gurus have their own strongest tool. And Julia's would be makeup tutorial. Julia is very talented. And she does a few creative makeup, which is not really my favorite, but her talent really shows up through those videos. Julia's makeup, in my opinion, is more on a bold and bright look. Like, smokey eyes with red lips. Usually I picked just one feature to recreate or do a more subtle version of her look whenever I need inspiration to do my makeup.

Out of so many gurus that I first subscribed to, Aubrey is the only one whose channel I still follow intently. For old time sake. Out of the five gurus I mentioned here, she's the one I can easily relate to. Her makeup are pretty basic, which makes her channel perfect for beginner. While other 'commercial' gurus have changed and become too conscious about how they pose or smile, Aubrey stays fun and comfortable to watch. I watch her channel to keep up with the latest makeup products and whenever I need inspiration in color combination. I have to say, she has problems with continuity. She's been MIA for long. But at least she has constantly uploaded videos for a couple of months lately.

So those are my favorites Youtube beauty gurus. I highly recommend you to check out their channel if you haven't already. And feel free to recommend me your favorites!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing, i just subscribed "fafinettex3"! I love misschievous,raeview and gossmakeupartist. My most fave beauty guru is jen from frmheadtotoe. MakeupByTifannyD is also really good. She looks like Celine Dion to me :D

Fifi said...

I used to watch Aubrey too! She's such a fun and lovely person. :) I almost never watch makeup videos on YT anymore though because, get this, I'm saving my internet quota. Haha. I know, how lame. I even unsubscribed to a lot of YT gurus lately. *sigh*

Dryxanne Chan said...

My current fave is Lisa Eldridge ( She has all videos available on her website, as well as on her youtube channel (sorry i forgot her youtube channel address...). I love how Lisa covers from very basic to all very sophisticated looks, and most of her videos are applicable to me, and to lots of women too I would say. She also often gives product recommendations for both low end and high end brands so we can choose whichever works for us (and our wallets, of course).
For Mischievous I used to watch her tutorials but felt they are too "extreme" to be used on my daily mortal life, but I love the colorful results though :)

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@Yoannita: Yeah. I feel kinda bad not to include Tiffany and Jen on the list. LOL. It's not easy to pick just 5.

@Fifi: I know! I stopped watching some of the gurus too. Especially those with super long unnecessary intro.

@Dryxanne Chan: Yeah, Julia's makeup is kinda extreme but I love most of her color combination. I subscribed to Lisa Eldridge too although I rarely watch her videos.

Pygmalion Land said...

pixiwoo it's my favourite guru too.
you might want to check beutifulTV by Karina

Anonymous said...

My favourite beauty guru, is lilmisscutecupcake13 I love her videos!