Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Review] Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

First time doing video review!!!! Definitely not at all easier than blogging.

Anyway, I finally came up with my thought and review about Revlon Lip Butter. Although, in a nutshell I'm just gonna say that I love this!

  • Gel formula to keep lips stays soft and moisturized
  • Mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter to boost the hydrating effect on the lips
  • Medium coverage with shiny finish
  • Vanilla scented
  • 20 shades available
  • Available at Revlon counters for IDR 75k
So what are you waiting for? Coat your lips in butter - without risk to your waistline!


Unknown said...

Bagus banget kak, yang peach parfait ^^..cocok di kamu :)


Unknown said...

Marcella...keren! nice review on youtube and i realy realy wanna try it now!! :) if u have time visit mine.. thankyouuu


Marcelle Yulianne said...

makasih ladies.. thanks for visiting ya! :)

@Hanna: Peach Parfait ini warnanya universal banget, I think everyone can easily pull it off. cakep lhoo...

@Dea: You really have to try it... ASAP! LOL..

Gabby Pali said...

OMG I love the peach parfait color on you, Marcelle :D

Vanda Deida said...

Yang sugar plum cakep tuh
Bagus banget warnanya ^^


A said...

i just discovered your blog and am LOVING it! wonderful swatches, the lip butters are one of my favorite products ever!! i want them all lol!


Marcelle Yulianne said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for dropping by :) Lip butter really is an addiction. thank God I managed to control myself... LOL