Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Do Women Wear Make Up?

This is apparently one of the most famous topics in the world wide web. Google 'allthatmakeup' and you'll see so many results asking for reasons of why women wear 'all that make up'. And this is actually one of my favorite threads in Femaledaily forum. There are so many entertaining answers. Since most of the members are women, obviously the answers are pro-makeup. But seriously, do you ever feel underestimated because you're a girl who wears make up?

I'm only one woman, obviously these answers don't represent all women's opinions. But let's have some fun reading one women's opinion about makeup, that is me.
  • You can't explain a hobby. Well, actually you can. But if people didn't have the same idea, they will still think that your hobby is weird, no matter what. Maybe you can't understand why people would want to risk their life, climbing mountain. Or why twenty two men bother running around a huge field, chasing one ball only to pass it to someone else. Or why women bother to take time out of their life polishing their skin with powder and blush. But it's a hobby. Don't bother trying to explain that women need no makeup because they are beautiful the way they are bla bla bla. I know! But makeup is my hobby so I won't stop doing it just because somebody else told me to. So girls, next time your boyfriend tells you to stop wearing makeup, tell him to stop doing and watching sport, or whatever hobby he has and see if he can do that.
  • Makeup doesn't define me. I don't wear makeup as a mask to cover who I am. I don't wear makeup because I think I look hideous without it. I love myself the way I am despite all of my imperfections. It's not like I hide my face when I don't wear makeup in public because I'm comfortable in my own skin (except when I'm experiencing my severe breakout, but that's a whole other story). And I don't even wear makeup when I don't feel like it. It's silly how people automatically define girls with makeup as insecure. People, this world is already bad enough. Don't make it worse by being judgmental.
  • Girls are hiding behind their makeup? Yeah.. There's one statement that always cracks me up whenever I see guys watching makeup videos (God knows what are they doing there?!). It's something like this, "Ooh.. these girls are wearing a lot of makeup and mislead you. Once y0u get married, that's when you'll see their bare face for the first time and you'll be shocked" Gentlemen, if that ever happened, I only have one thing to say to you, "Don't blame the makeup. Blame your unhealthy relationship." Chances are, either you are in a dishonest and insecure relationship or you are marrying someone you just met ten minutes ago.
  • I don't wear makeup to please guys. Yet another silly statement from guys, thinking girls are wearing makeup to impress them. Oh boy, speaking about self centered. But if you happen to be that kind of guy who is currently reading this, let me burst your precious little bubble: We girls don’t wear makeup for you. When I apply my makeup, what I have in mind is, “What to pair this color with?” or “Oh my, I love what this foundation does for my complexion!” And if you probably don’t realize, either makeup-covered face or naked face, both are just exterior! There are so much more in a person than just their appearance. You are missing out a lot by judging someone based on their exterior. But then again, it’s your lost. For me, if to be with someone requires me giving up something I love to do, that doesn’t even do harm to anyone, than that person is not worth it.
  • It's one of my ways to respect people. That's what my mom taught me. On special occasions, to polish yourself and dress properly is a way to show respect to people. Makeup has never been my mom's hobby. But she purchased some to make sure she has enough makeup to put on. My mom would kill me if I dare to come to a big family gathering with shirt, jeans and bare face. In this case, even when I don't feel like polishing up, I still have to. When you show up with proper appearance, it shows people that you appreciate their invitation and really took time to prepare. Although all of those wouldn't be complete without proper manner.

  • Don’t be too serious, it’s only makeup. I don’t know if you noticed but this quote by Francois Nars is written somewhere in my blog, which is my way of seeing makeup. This is my favorite makeup-related quote because, in my opinion, it so true and could be applied for anyone. For people who sees ladies with makeup and judge. Honey, chillax. It’s just makeup. It doesn’t kill! For the ladies who think makeup has to be perfect and complicated. Have fun! Every mistake could be fixed. Makeup is supposed to bring out the best of you, not make you someone else. And for people out there who feels insecure without makeup. No amount of makeup can make you happy if you can’t love yourself the way it is. No matter how much makeup you put on your face, at the end of the day it’s just you and your naked face.

So those are my thoughts about makeup. I hope this post doesn't offend anyone. I know this little post isn't gonna change the perspectives about makeup entirely. But at least I speak my mind.

Have fun with your makeup, ladies!


Nunu Hadi said...

I couldn't agree more with point number 4 :)

Monica Agustami said...

nice post! :D
biar bs jwb pertanyaan cowokku "kok kmu ke kampus pake dandan? emg ada yg cakep?" LOL
dan aku slalu jwb "ya,dandan buat diri sendirilaaaaah.."

FYI,cowokku g pernah komentar liat mukaku tanpa make-up. muka bangun tidurku aja udah tau :D

Putri Kansil said...

I totally agree with you Celle!!

13vyl said...

love love love this post, celle!

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If only I have 5 thumbs, or even 7, I'll give them all to this article! LOL. :D
So, 4 thumbs up for this article! Definitely agreeable! :D Thankso!

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I couldn't say better :)

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Nice post celle!!
100% agree.. :D

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