Saturday, May 5, 2012

Find Your Passion and Reach Your Dream with 'Shine With Passion'


In the middle of last month I was invited by Unicharm to come to the launching of where there will be talkshow and discussion about finding your passion and reach your dream, as well as introduction about latest product from Charm. The topic really appealed to me so I decided to come. None of my blogger friends could make it, so I asked my friend, Hanny, to come with me. 

The event was held at Kempinski Hotel. The venue was mind-blowing and as I entered, I saw many framed empowering quotes by many famous figure, to complement the theme of passion that day.


The event was hosted by Iwet Ramadhan and Priscilla and started with Mr. Yoshihiro Miyabayashi, the President Director of PT Uni-charm Indonesia giving opening speech and introduced us to the company and their achievement in Asia and, specifically, in Indonesia. And then continued with Mr. Yasuaki Aoyama, Brand Manager Feminine Care of PT Unicharm Indonesia, explaining the ideas behind the campaign and their latest product. "This is an era where women play an active role in social environment. Therefore, more women are maximizing their potential to turn their dream into reality. 'Shine with Passion' comes as a reflection of the passion from Charm to facilitate active and talented women across Indonesia in finding their potential and reach their dreams with maximum effort." Not only by 'Shine With Passion' campaign, Charm also introduces the latest Charm Body Fit Day Slim to prove their passion and commitment to understand active women's needs to work on their passion with no obstacle, including the uncomfortable feeling during that 'time of the month'.

The event continued with talk show with Alexander Sriewijono who is a psychologist and career coach, Revalina Temat who is Charm brand ambassadress and also an actress. And Diana Rikasari, a fashion blogger and young entrepreneur.

We talked about Diana and Reva's passion. What keep them doing what they are doing right now. Reva picked acting as her passion. Trying to portray a character is her passion and something she really enjoys. As for Diana, whether as a blogger or entrepreneur, she loves to share the ideas she has in her mind. With that, Mas Alex comes into an underline that passion doesn't equal job. You are maybe a writer but what is it that you really do when you write? Some people write to share ideas in their head, or maybe to teach someone or to describe something. Also there are people who writes because it's their job, which is most likely the most boring answer (in my opinion). So your passion determine the output of your work. And something that you do out of passion will give more satisfying result and people who see your work can see that.

Mas Alex's presentation about The Quantum Leap theory really is an eye-opener. He started with a question, "If you have only two millions rupiah in your hands, where would you travel six months later?" Many audiences proposed idea of domestic traveling, except for Diana who carefully answered Europe. After he gathered all the answers, he then reminded us that the question asked your purpose in six month later, which means there's enough time to do many things with your current money.

The application is, he asked us not to plan our future based on what we have and then later define our dreams (SW-OT). This way of thinking only reacts to alteration and differences and we 'predict' our future based on what we have. Instead, find your dreams, and then define what you have to do (OT-SW). This way, we create differences and instead of predict, we 'make' our future happen. Quantum leap in growth!

As the talkshow ended, the event came to an end. I'm so glad I decided to take time to come to the event as there were many things I got from it.

Untuk pembaca di Indonesia,
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