Monday, June 4, 2012

FOTD Touch of Plum

Omagah! I get to post FOTD again. Super happy!! As I mentioned in some of my previous entries, I've been dealing with the worst breakout in my life. Which is the reason why I couldn't come up with FOTD post. Makeup looked ugly on me. I attended some events and put on my makeup and thinking about posting the FOTD on my blog. I edited the pictures but the results were too fake. LOL. Guess I just didn't have the heart to post it. However, things are getting pretty good lately. As I said, all the bumps had gone and I have only red acne scars to cover. No biggie. My skin is currently peeling and I take it as a good sign.

Here's my FOTD when I was attending Coverderm Beauty Gathering. I was wearing my Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation which is a light coverage foundation (yay!). For additional coverage on my cheeks, I added Graftobian HD Creme Foundation. My skin is very dry right now, so I didn't feel the need to powder. Really love the dewy finish the foundation gave. On my cheeks I had my current favorite blush and it's kiko Soft Touch Blush #106 which is a brownish plum. I'm so in love with this one. The color is easy to wear, it accentuates and sculpts my cheeks at once. And it's crazy pigmented too. I have to be careful whenever applying this. To complete the look and compliment the blush, I put on NYX Round Lipstick in Cocoa. Might a little too dark but I liked it. Reminds me of flapper makeup.

For my eyes, I didn't do anything too over the top with my eyeshadow. I was wearing my Wet n' Wild Coloricon in Vanity. For a little accent, I applied NYX Glitter Liner in Gold on my lower lashline. Can you tell who inspired the look? Hint: Nine girls from a Korean girlband (too easy!). I also had my Elise false lashes. I love these lashes. It's just as long as my natural lashes only a lot thicker. Some even mistaken it as my actual lashes. Haha.. I  wish! I don't remember the number though. And ignore that ugly smudge on my eye. I was having a little trouble with the eyelash glue.

So yeah, those  are what I came up with after a long time. I took the picture immediately after I put the makeup on. By the middle of the day, my skin started to peel again and kinda ruined the look. But that's okay though. It's gonna take time to deal with this breakout but I'm getting there. 

Anyway, just for fun, wanna see my amateur editing skill on my picture? The result look too overdone, I think. Guess now you know why I didn't publish this picture before. But not bad for a rookie, eh? Considering I learned the techniques from a guy who edited my ID picture. In the end I edited almost all my pictures just for fun. My skin was awfully flawed back then, it was nice to be able to see it in a smooth condition even just in picture.


Gabby Pali said...

I love your glitter liner ce! :D

Unknown said...

syukurlah klo kondisi wajahnya ud membaik.. :D

dan wow itu editannya bagus bgt yaa, langsung flawless gt kelihatannya :D

Unknown said...

Waaaw Marcelle cantiiik!! Love the lashes.. Anyway your editing skill is not bad laaah.. the result still looks natural ^^

nisa said...

marcelle cantiiikkkkk ^__^
suka sama paduan warna eyeshadow nyaaaa btw jerawat lw ga berbekas ya?

Marcelle Yulianne said...

terimakasih teman-teman ^_^

@nisa: ini berbekas koq. tapi udah rata. aslinya masih merah banget, makanya gw dempul pake cream foundation. hehe..

@carryn: makasih bu. it means a lot coming from you yang anak design. ahahaha. itu kebanyakan pake blur kayanya.

@rini: iya nih, urusan ama breakout emang rempong. itu editing juga skill abal2. hahaha.

@gab: lumayan gab, NYX murah meriah... :D