Tuesday, June 19, 2012

L'occitane: Blogger Event and First Impression

Welcoming new products to Angelica line, L'OCCITANE held a Blogger Event to introduce the products to beauty bloggers at Cafe Aria.When I came, the place was decorated with a touch of green, just like our dress code. Even the drinks are green! Too cute. I met some of my blogger friend and had fun chitchatting. We were treated to bite-size snacks as well as hand massage before the event started.


As we enjoy our snacks, Sarah Damanik, Marketing Manager from L'occitane, did a presentation to introduce us to Angelica line, which is a skincare line from L'occitane marketed especially for dehydrated skin. The main ingredient is Angelica archangelica also known as Angelica or Angel Grass. Angelica is plant that can grow to a height of two meters in just a few weeks. And the answer apparently in the roots that grows really deep that it easily finds moisture it needs. From this Angelica extracts, L'occitane createad Organic Angelica Essential Oil that works as antioxidant that protects the skin from free-radical. And Organic Angelica Water that helps boost the circulation of water across skin layers by stimulating the production of aquaphorin (also known as water tunnel).

Angelica line itself has been available since last year. But this year, L'occitane added three more products to complete your hydration needs in a zap, and they are Instant Hydration Mask (super hydrating mask that works in just 3 minutes!), Exfoliating Gel (restores skin radiance in just 30 seconds!) and Face Mist (refreshes and revitalizes in 3 seconds!).

We went home with some L'occitane products from Angelica line and a full size of Instant Hydration Mask so we can try and experience the hydrating sensation ourselves. Don't forget to check out my video about my first impression after I used the mask.

Thank you L'occitane for the wonderful event!


Unknown said...

i glad i seen this post. you r the best english speaker from indonesia on youtube :D

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@Yoannita: aahh.. that means a lot! hehe. thank you ;)

Unknown said...

i can't find a love button here?! geez.. finally i saw indonesian who speak english fluently and it's about makeup/skincare! you do need to do this more often celle! love ittt!!

Marcelle Yulianne said...

aaaw.. Feli, you're too sweet. thank you!