Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Haul

It's end of July already. And I got some of the stuff I ordered (about a month ago) and other hauls

NARS Outlaw
NARS Super Orgasm
NAR Taj Mahal
Fyrinnae Mineral Finishing Powder Oil Control
Fyrinnae Powder Primer
Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Finish
Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Almost Nude
Revlon Loose Powder in Medium
MUFE Aqua Eyes
and a little bonus, MUFE Shimmering Powder in mini size..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Revlon Beyond Natural - Skin Matching Makeup

Finally, new entry. I've been abandoning this blog for quite some times. I was actually facing my final exam, so I didn't really have time to update my blog. Now that this semester is done, I have to go back to my house, which means, no internet connection!

You know how final exam could be so intimidating and stressful, so the first thing I did is shopping! I've been hearing about Revlon's newest collection, Revlon Beyond Natural. And I was really curious about it, so I went to Revlon counter and get me the Skin Matching Makeup foundation in Light Medium.

Revlon Beyond Natural collection actually includes:
  • Smoothing primer
  • Skin matching makeup
  • Concealer and highlighter in a single compact
  • Cream-to-powder eye shadow
  • Defining eye pencil
  • Defining mascara with molded brush
  • Cream lipgloss
  • Protective liptint

Unfortunately, here in Indonesia, we can't find complete collection. What we have from this collection:
  • Smoothing primer
  • Skin matching makeup
  • Cream-to-powder eye shadow
  • Defining eye pencil
  • Protective liptint
  • and this compact powder that I can't even find on Revlon's web (??)
I'm not really interested with other stuff, so I only bought the foundation and I've been wearing it for these last couple days. And I am now in love with the Skin Matching Makeup!!

It's in the name, Natural. So this foundation doesn't really give you thick coverage which, for me, it's perfect for daily foundation. Based on Revlon's web, this is actually a weightless foundation that goes on white and self-adjusts to match your exact skin tone. Well, I don't know if there's such a thing like that, but for me, this foundation actually matches my skin tone. When I apply it on my face, I can't really see
the part where the foundation ends and my skin begins. Perfect! Remembering they only have three shades (well, it's actually 5 in their web, but, once again, you can't get everything here), I never thought I'll find exact shade for my skin, but I did! And little bonus, this foundation contains SPF15.

Now that you've read all the pros about this foundation, I believe the next question would be about oil control. Lately, I wear this foundation for my daily activities. I leave home at about 10a.m and got home at 8p.m with just a little glow on my nose and I don't even bother to use my blotting paper. But, please remember that I have dry skin. So, I don't really know how it goes on oily skin (maybe you can leave a comment? let me know..)

My only complain about this foundation is that, it's too natural that it's not yellow enough for me. But you can't really see that. Plus, if that annoys you, just add a yellow based powder and you're good to go.