Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More For My Lips!

When I first started doing make up, lipstick, lipgloss and everything for lips were my last interest. Just because, it's the only thing from your make up that will fade and gone by the middle of the day. You can use lip primer, you can wear long lasting lip color, once you have your lunch, then that is it for your lipstick.

Well.. those days are long gone.

Now that I'm turning into this make up junkie (I tried to stop, believe me!), I feel like I gotta have everything for every parts of my face. D'oh..

Anyway, here's what I purchased lately. And I realized that they are all lip products. I've been hearing a lot about the latest Revlon Colorburst and decided to give it a try. I didn't know what possessed me when I picked fuchsia color. But I've been wanting to try bright colors. One of the girls in Fashionesedaily wears fuchsia lips in her FOTD and convinced me that it'll look great and can be wearable too. My rule is, if I wanna try color which I'm not sure whether I'm gonna like it or not, I never go with high end brand. If I end up not liking it, it'll be a waste. Luckily, Colorburst line carries fuchsia color so I decided to buy it. It's in the name, "Fuchsia".

Another color that I got is "Crimson", which is a classic red, since I'm currently in the hunt for the perfect red lipstick. There are actually other reds in this collection and they are "True Red" and "Ruby". I swatched those two but the two colors didn't look red enough for me. Especially "Ruby", it has too much pink in it. "Crimson" is a warm red color and really suits my undertone.

Here's how the colors look like on my lips. See? Even the "Fuchsia" doesn't look that scary.
I wanted to get another colors from this line but nothing looks special enough. They all look like every colors you've seen before. So I got nothing other than those two. Period.

I also dropped by at Maybelline counter when I saw this pretty coral gloss. It's Watershine Liquid Pearl in "Spicy Coral". I've been looking for coral gloss just because I realized I didn't have any. I didn't even bother to swatch this on my lips because that'll be pointless. This gloss doesn't work alone. You need to layer it on top of lipstick. Wear it alone and you'll have nothing but shimmer on your lips.

For this next item, I didn't purchase it. I took it from my mom's make up pouch she left in her vanity. It's MAC Plushglass in "Ample Pink". You see, browsing through my mom's vanity really frustrates me. She has a lot of great stuff and she never really cares about them. I saw this plushglass still full and, hello, covered with dust. To be fair, my mom doesn't really care about make up. Some people have to save money for weeks or months to buy all the stuff she has (hint: her daughters) and she just ignores whatever make up that she has.

You think dust covered plush glass is the worst? I once saw a shedding MAC 129 brush. It didn't even look round anymore, more like a triangle. How did it end up like that, you might ask? Well. she pushed the brush to her cheeks until the bristles spread and the handle touches her cheeks, and then swirl it. Err.. But yeah, that's mommy. She is more of a bag person. For her, make up is necessary but she doesn't need high end brands make up. And if you find some high end brands make up in her stash, that's because some people convinced her that she'll need those. And that some people could either be her oldest sister or, well, me.

Anyhoo, Ample Pink is a warm mauve-ish pink. It's a little more pigmented than regular lip glosses. But it looks prettier when layered on top of lipstick. I put it on top of my MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick and they look so pretty together. And it has a stinging feeling (pretty sure why mom never wears this) which suppose give you that plumped lips. That might feel uncomfortable for some poeple. But I don't really have problem with that.

As for these Sephora glosses, my little sister just got back from Europe and got me these. Sephora was having sale and she bought some glosses, eyeliners and stuff. And she was, like, "Okay, pick items that you want and the rest are for our cousins." So I picked two glosses. The one in "Silver Toupe" (no.17), which is a shimmery champagne nude color and the other one is "Glitter Fuchsia" (no.23), described as fuchsia with pink and diamond glitter. I tried the "Silver Toupe" right away. The colors look so pretty on lips. And apparently, little sister thought so too. So what happened next, she took the other Silver Toupe which, you know, suppose to be for our cousins. LOL!
The other two that I picked, which are in tinier tubes, are plumping lip gloss. This has stinging sensation as well. My sister tried it on and removed it once the gloss started to sting. See? Not everybody can't stand lip plump. Anyway, I tried it but I wasn't sure if this gloss actually makes my lips look fuller. Maybe later I should ask other people's opinion.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Take on Taman Sari Papaya Enzyme Shower Gel

Honestly, I've never heard about Taman Sari before. But then I looked at the manufacturer, and apparently it's another product from Mustika Ratu. And this is actually an impulse buy. I saw it next to the other Mustika Ratu products. It has "Javanese Formula" written on the tube and to me it is associated with all natural ingredients from a long long time ago and suddenly the image of princesses from Javanese Keraton appeared in mind. And I was sold. I know, I'm weird like that. I can't believe I'm telling you this. And I'm not even Javanese descendant.

This shower gel has scrub particles in it. But the particles are so soft so it won't dried your skin. Another plus, this shower gel doesn't contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (surfactants that act as foaming agents) which is good, not only for your skin but also for environment.

I'm not gonna lie, though. I LOVE foam in my soap and shampoo. They make me feel 'clean'. So using a shower gel that doesn't foam cause to me use more products than I originally use to spread it to my arms and legs. I only used it for three times and I end up with two-third of the product left inside the tube. With price around IDR30000, this shower gel feels kinda pricey. But as a product, I think this shower gel is doing a really good job.

Another thing, I love the papaya smell! And it lingers too. On my skin, and in my bathroom.

Indonesian Beauty Haul

Lately I've been really into some Indonesian brands. I guess not having that many make up counters around makes me look in some places I've never looked before. I've been reading about Viva and Mustika Ratu skin care and decided to give it a try. So here's what I got from my last visit to Hypermart. Mostly skincare.

Taman Sari Papaya Enzyme Shower Gel
Lulur Kocok Seruni
Viva Cucumber Astringent
Viva Air Mawar
Viva Skin Food
Viva Bengkoang Face Mask
Sariayu Masker Jerawat

And of course I dropped by at makeup counters to get me these.
PAC Loose eyeshadow "Sexy Bronze"
La Tulipe Quad no.19
LT Pro Single eyeshadow no.06

I've tried some of the skincare and liking it so far. Really can wait to get back at you with some reviews.