Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Wedding, Baby Sister! (Picture Heavy!!!)

It was my sister's wedding day yesterday. Everything went silky smooth and now, I have a new brother-in-law (wow, that felt weird). Well, the new addition to our family member doesn't feel so weird, though. The guy, Heri, has been around since forever. My sister and her bf dated for six years before finally decided to get married. But they, well, all of us, have met him way before. He was our neighbor back when we were still in elementary school in Jayapura. Couple years later, sister went to college and they met again. And that was when they started dating. Cute isn't it?

Those weren't easy six years. Heri had to move to Netherlands for study and he got a job there. Somewhere around 2007, I guess? So they were dating through skype, and not to mention time difference. But they went through all that and here they are now, as a married couple.

Getting ready to go to church

Dad is walking sister down the aisle.

Some of the guests. My aunts (some are family friends) are wearing hats, inspired by the.. well, Royal Wedding.

Wedding vows

Exchanging rings

'Sungkeman' ritual. Well, I'm no Javanese (the groom's family is) so I try to explain this the way I see it. It's a ritual where the bride and groom ask for forgiveness, blessing and permission from their parents to marry their loved one. It's a very moving ritual.

And here's me, looking for a time to shine. Haha.. No, seriously I'm kidding. Originally, I didn't want to sing or say any testimonials whatsoever because I cry so easily (it runs in the family, don't blame me). But there were empty spot, my parents asked me to sing, so sister decided for me to sing 'Through the Eyes of Love' because we had no time to rehearse, and that's the song the pianist already familiar with. So yeah, no cute touchy story behind it. And hey, I made it without crying!

My family after the ceremony

The wedding reception was held at Gran Mahakam Hotel. We didn't have much time after the ceremony. We rushed all the way to the hotel, had short lunch, took a bath and had our makeup done.

See how hectic the situation was!

And, as usual, I was being very very smart by not charging my camera the day before. So I didn't have much pictures from the reception.

The stage

The hall decorated with flowers on the side

And here's the gate at the end of the hall

Photo corner. The huge one was taken at Volendam when sister went there for vacation.

In this picture my sis is wearing mom's wedding dress. The exact wedding dress mom was wearing on her wedding day. Mom wore a flower head piece back then, and of course it was no longer existed so the makeup artist from May May bridal made a new one.

Wedding cake from Timothycake

This is the only moment from when the reception has begun that my camera could capture (with it's last breath, yes). Bride and groom's first dance. They were dancing to Etta James's At Last.

So, please raise your glass with me in wishing the newlywed much joy in the years to come. Happy Wedding, Melinda and Heri. You two are meant for each other. I love you both *kisses*.

Oh, by the way, there is a tradition where, if your younger sister get married before you, she has to give you something as a gift (as permission? I dunno..). There's a superstitious explanation behind the tradition. People in the past believe that it's a gift to prevent the older sister to never get married. For the love of God, who would believe that? But I'm on board with the gift thing. Haha.. So this is what my sister gave me.

I told her I want something everlasting, something I'll never run out. Originally, I asked for shoes. But things was pretty hectic. I had to move to Jogja for a while, sister was busy planning her wedding, and also she was like, "A palette is everlasting. When did you ever finish a palette?" Well, she got a point. She picked Naked Palette because it's been in my wishlist since forever. And an extra Shu Uemura eyelash curler cause I've kidnapped hers in my traincase for a significant amount of time. Isn't she the best, or what?