Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Review] Sleek Oh So Special Palette

After reading so many raved reviews about Sleek palettes, I decided to give this brand a try. I wasn't sure which palette I wanted to try first. I was browsing through Sleek website and decided to get their recently launched Oh So Special palette.

The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows consist of 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. The colors in this palette are mostly neutrals shade. Some leans towards warm but I can see this colors still suitable for cool skin tone as well, especially dark colors.

Packaging is a simple sleek black palette with a wearable mirror since it's pretty huge and also comes with a dual ended sponge applicator. I think the palette is quite convenient. Doesn't take up so much space so it will be great for traveling as well. Inside there's a plastic insert with the name of each eyeshadow written on it. My fisrt impression was, why do they have to put the names on the insert? I tend to loose all plastic inserts from all of my palettes. If I lost this one then I won't be able to tell the names of these eyeshadows anymore. Wouldn't be convenient, especially if I'm doing tutorial. But never mind, it's just a beauty blogger rant. Might not be something to sweat about unless you really care about the names of your make up stuff.

Top row: Bow - Organza - Ribbon - Gift Basket - Glitz - CelebrateBottom row: Pamper - Gateau - The Mail - Boxed - Wrapped Up - Noir

Here's the swatch of the eyeshadow. They are all swatched on my arm with no base.

L-R: Bow (matte) - Organza - Ribbon (matte) - Gift Basket - Glitz - Celebrate

L-R: Pamper (matte) - Gateau - The Mail (matte) - Boxed (matte) - Wrapped Up (matte) - Noir (matte)

Here's my thought on the individual eyeshadow. I'm not gonna go through each and every one of it, though.
Ribbon: This color is actually one color that lured me into buying this palette. I didn't own any peach eyeshadow like this before so I thought it will be a great addition to my collection. Unfortunately this color is the biggest disappointment in this palette. The texture is chalky and impossible to blend. I tried applying it wet, dry, with primer, without primer and end up with same uneven finish.

Pamper: This is another color that's pretty similar to Ribbon which is a lighter peach. It turns out a lot better in terms of quality. But the color is not special enough. It's also a bit pale to show up on me. So it's not working either.

Gateau: Another disappointment. It looks like a pretty lilac with gold flecks in the pan. But once applied, the lilac is nowhere to be seen. I end up with just gold shimmer. I can still wear it as highlight on my browbone or inner corner but still, it doesn't look that special anymore.

The Mail: I can't really say if this color disappoint me. It's just that I thought this color would be a great crease color but apparently this color doesn't show up in my skin, even with primer. I guess this would be great on lighter skintone. In the pan, this color kind of reminds me of MAC Cork, but I was wrong as Cork is noticeably darker than The Mail.

L-R: The Mail - MAC Cork - Boxed

Noir: This shade is amazing. I've never encountered such super rich matte black eyeshadow and this one really satisfied me. I also love wearing it to set my eyeliner.

Other colors, especially dark ones are great. They are very pigmented, buttery smooth and I notice very minimal amount of fall out. Exactly the kind of quality I expected from ALL the colors in this palette

All in all, I'm kinda disappointed that some of the interesting shades in this palette don't work. I usually wear light colors on the lid and darker color on the outer corner. But with most of the lid colors in this palette don't work for me, all I left with are just small selection of colors I can wear to create just another smokey look which makes this palette not oh-so-special anymore.

This might be another nice addition for my make up, just for the sake of trying a new brand. Thankfully I can still use more than half of the eyeshadows in this palette. But if you're pretty new to makeup and just started building your makeup collection, I'd say save your money and buy a better quality palette.


Fifi said...

ah I know what you mean! I have pretty much the same opinion on my sleek palette.. some colors are just too chalky -.-

Marcelle said...

I read your review back then, Fi. apparently the quality hasn't improved. really don't get what's the hype is all about

stella lee said...

is that so? O_O i've been eyeing for sleek palette for a while because everyone rave about it. i wont purchase sleek then :( thanks for your great review

putri said...

marcelle, which one of those sleek palette u think worth to buy? i want to have one versatile e/s palette with both dark and nice natural colours.. is it oh so special / storm / original / oh so special? thanks;)

Marcelle said...

Dear Putri.
Sorry it took me too long to get back at your message.

I'm so sorry because I don't think I can help you.
As I stated, this is my first Sleek palette. I don't have any other palette. And again, I said that I didn't like this palette so definitely I wouldn't recommend it. And judging from the performance of this palette I don't think I'll repurchase another Sleek palette. So I have totally no idea which Sleek palette I could recommend to anyone.

However this is just my opinion. There's crazy hype surrounding this brand and not to mention their palette. It might work for others, it's just not my cup of tea :)

putri said...

marcelle it's okay.. i finally cave and bought sleek storm. and the colors inside to me is quite good. of course i really need a makeup 101 book myself, but i gotta say i'm glad to have storm as my 1st e/s palette :D
for the price i really couldn't complain ;)