Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stila Can Cam Palette

According to Stila website, Stila Can Cam Palette was a Japan only palette. But now it's available on Stila website so everyone outside Japan can have this palette too.

As for the name, Can Cam, I googled and found out that it's actually a name of a fashion magazine in Japan, targeting school age girls and young women. It was first published in November of 1981. And this Stila Can Cam palette is specially made to celebrate the magazine's 25th anniversary.

The palette comes in a simple square box and it opens like a book with magnets on the side to keep the palette shut. It's so sleek, you can just slip it inside your bag or make up pouch without taking too much space.

There are four colors inside. Three eye shadows and one blush, all shimmery. On the back, there's an information on where you should put the colors (yeah, like you need one). For base is a lightest color, more like a champagne color. For crease is the purplish pink with subtle gold shimmer. And the dark brown color with gold shimmer for liner. But of course this is just suggestion and the application is totally up to you. The cheek color looks like a light coral color on the pan, kinda like the much lighter version of NARS Torrid, but it turns light pink on my cheek. The blush is so sheer, almost unnoticeable on my cheeks.

I tried the palette immediately once the palette arrived. Since I wasn't going anywhere, I applied the eye shadow colors without primer. Texture wise, as pressed eye shadows, the pigments are kinda loose. So you might wanna be careful applying it and don't let the pigment fall on your face (It's annoying when that happened). As for the color pay off, well, kinda disappointing. I have dark lids and those colors don't cover that. Although the base color looks pretty as highlight. The crease color and the liner color are just as bad. I have to re-apply all these colors just to make colors show up but it doesn't make any difference. Those colors are just too sheer. I use the liner color for my outer V and as the darkest color in the palette, the pigmentation is the.. poorest (is that a word?). And the texture is kinda muddy too, it's hard to blend. Meh..

I thought, it's probably because of the loose texture. So I try to apply the colors wet on my other eye. The result? Not working either. I mean, yes, the colors show up better when applied wet but the texture makes the colors even harder to blend. Oh gosh...

So for the second time I try these eye shadows, I use primer. And apparently, primer is what the eye shadows need. The colors show up better and blend well.

Anyway, these eye shadows are not my first Stila eye shadow. I have Stila Kitten shadow, and never have I had any problems like this. I thought that goes for every Stila shadows. Apparently not. When most eye shadows need primer to help the colors last, eye shadows in Can Cam palette need primer to make the color show up. It's kinda disappointing, though. But then again, I never apply eye shadows without primer, anyway. So I'm just gonna keep this.

So my conclusion about this palette, had I known this is how the colors would turn up, I'll never even consider buying the palette. But know that I have it, (and I paid good money for this. This palette cost $18 with extra international and domestic shipping for me) I have to make it work.

Here's my FOTD using Stila Can Cam Palette with a step-by-step following the information from the back of the palette. Well, not so much, but pretty close.

  1. After primer (I'm using UDPP) apply the base color all over the lid, all the way to the browbone area.
  2. Apply crease color on the crease.
  3. Apply liner color on the outer lid, as outer V.
  4. Once again, apply base color. This time apply the color wet, concentrating on the lid. The texture is kinda sticky, so never forget to blend.
  5. Line lower lash line with liner color.
  6. Add eye liner and mascara. Fake lashes for more dramatic effect.
And... Voila! Anyway, can't you tell that this is my first time wearing fake lashes myself? I'm such a rookie, the inner part of the lashes don't stick very well to my lash line. Haha..

And here's the rest of the face. This is how the cheeks color from the palette appears on my cheeks. Can you see?
  • MAC Face and Body Foundation in C4
  • Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium
  • Nars Loose Powder in Beach

  • UDPP
  • Stila Can Cam Palette Eye shadows
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero
  • Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
  • The Face Shop Lashes in XLH

  • Stila Can Cam Palette blush

  • NYX Round Lipstick in Pandora
  • Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in WH 001
  • Lancome Color Fever Gloss #206