Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indonesian Beauty Haul

Lately I've been really into some Indonesian brands. I guess not having that many make up counters around makes me look in some places I've never looked before. I've been reading about Viva and Mustika Ratu skin care and decided to give it a try. So here's what I got from my last visit to Hypermart. Mostly skincare.

Taman Sari Papaya Enzyme Shower Gel
Lulur Kocok Seruni
Viva Cucumber Astringent
Viva Air Mawar
Viva Skin Food
Viva Bengkoang Face Mask
Sariayu Masker Jerawat

And of course I dropped by at makeup counters to get me these.
PAC Loose eyeshadow "Sexy Bronze"
La Tulipe Quad no.19
LT Pro Single eyeshadow no.06

I've tried some of the skincare and liking it so far. Really can wait to get back at you with some reviews.


Fifi said...

Awesome haul! Can't wait to hear more about these products from you :)
I think I've tried the quad from La Tulipe before and I hated it. Lol. The LT pro one looks more promising though!