Friday, July 13, 2012

[Review] Make Up Forever Aqua Shadow


Please note that this product was sent to me by Make Up Forever for review purpose. However, this is my honest opinion.

 Say hello to the latest addition of Make Up Forever Aqua line, it's Aqua Shadow!

Aqua Shadow is a waterproof eyeshadow pencil with extra colored pigments and long lasting hold, containing a generous jumbo tip. It is both waterproof and long-lasting, resists seawater, chlorinated water and rubbing. And for the pros, this is the promise of fast results an withstand the extreme conditions of the stage or the heat of fashion show.

Despite what the product claims to be, I tested this product based on my daily needs, and that exclude contact with seawater or chlorinated water. Nobody goes to the beach in Jakarta and I don't swim with eyeshadows on, in fact I'm not really fond of swimming. However, wearing waterproof and long-lasting makeup never hurts.

Make Up Forever sent me Aqua Shadow in 24E but I decided to add a more wearable color to my collection and purchased 20E as well. 24E is a sheer pink color with gold shimmer whereas 20E is taupe with silver shimmer. This is basically cream eyeshadow in pencil form. To me that's a promise to practicality. The fat wide tip is helpful for fast application when I am in a rush. Specifically, 20E has been my favorite color for daily basis lately. The color itself mimics the color of my lid so it doesn't really look like I have makeup on. But it's the silver shimmer the really brightens up my eyes. 

In general, I love the texture of this eyeshadow. It's creamy and soft enough that I could just gently pat it to get enough color on my lid - no tugging required! - yet it's not too soft that it saved me from transferring too much product upon application. However, 24E is a little bit more on a drier side. It's doesn't transfer color as easily as 20E.

Aqua Shadow can be used as either eyeshadow or eyeshadow base. I really enjoy wearing this alone on my lid with no primer. And thankfully they don't crease. Yay! The longevity is awesomeness. I put this on the morning and it stays until evening. It does fade a little bit, but it leaves enough pigments on my lid. And I think that's acceptable. As for the waterproof claim, given my lack experience around water and heat, I tried to put the eyeshadow on my lid and rub it vigorously, and here's how the result looks like.

On the left is how the eyeshadow looks like after I rub it with water. As you can see, there are still some pigments left.

By the way, I tried the one with matte finish at MUFE counter, and that one didn't really meet my expectation as well as the shimmery ones I have. It smudged underneath my eyes after only three hours. But it was just my first impression, so don't really rely on my thought about the mattes. I'm still looking for reviews to convince me to buy the matte ones, as the colors are so beautiful.

The application is easy. you can either rub the product to the tip of your finger and then apply it on your lids. Or simply apply the pencil directly to the lid. Make sure to build the color, instead of applying too much product all at once. You'll have enough time to blend the color before it sets. If you want to layer it, wait until the first layer dries, and the add another layer. Here I included a video on how I use Aqua Shadow.

 And here's the swatches of the products:

MUFE Aqua Shadows consists of 12 colors with 7 shimmery finish and 5 mattes. It retails for IDR 250k.