Friday, March 19, 2010

Nicole Scherzinger Inspired Makeup

This is a look that is inspired by Nicole Scherzinger make up. I don't know about you, but I've always been a huge fan of her make up. Anyone know who the make up artist is? Is it Troy Jensen?

Anyway, the look that I try to recreate is from one of Pussycat Dolls earliest videos, Beep. In this video, Nicole wears neutral colors on her lid and adds colored eye liner on her lower lash line. Such a simple way to steal people's attention.

Nicole's picture is taken from here

After I applied my primer, I put on MAC 'Rubenesque' Paint Pot all over lid.

MAC 'Brule' over Rubenesque.

Urban Decay 'Underground' on crease.

Urban Decay 'Mad Hatter' (as in 'Twice Baked') on lower lid. Starting from outer two third part of the lid, blend it outward and then go up, blending it with 'Underground'. And then, apply PAC 'White Frost' to highlight browbone and tear duct area.

Apply green eyeliner on lower lashline. Here I'm using Maybelline Expert Eyes in Starry Green. And then add Urban Decay 'Graffiti' over the liner.

Add loads of eyeliner. Curl lashes, add mascara and fake lashes for dramatic effects.

And, voila!

Excuse the silly expression, but this is the only picture that has the right angle and lighting. For the face, I want to achieve that glowy complexion so I swiped a little bit of PAC loose eyeshadow in 'White Frost' on top of my cheek bone, my chin and on the bridge of my nose. MAC powder blush in 'Margin' on the apple of my cheek all the way along the cheek bones.

For lips, I can't find the right shades to matches Nicole's look. I'm looking for nude lipstick with hint of peach. I put NYX Round Lipstick 'Rea' on my lips, but it still has a littlest hint of purple so I mixed it with Revlon Superlustrous lipstick in 'Almost Nude' .

I just recently moved to Semarang. I believe I've told you that before. And I rent a house here (now, that's new). And somehow, God knows why, the owner of the house painted his house green. Seriously, it's green everywhere except for the bathroom. I think the color of the wall affects my camera, in a way it makes every pictures I took without flash appear greenish. Now tell me, is it just me, or this picture looks like it has too much green in it?

So that's my version of Nicole Scherzinger's make up. Unless I have another idea in mind, I'm thinking of wearing this look on my graduation day (which is in May).  I think Urban Decay 'Underground' isn't dark enough for this look. Still looking for the right color. Any suggestions are welcome, dears! 


Anonymous said...

lovely. Very pleased to see I own all these products too except the maybelline eyeliner so don't have to dupe :D thanks! xoxo