Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Review] Graftobian High-Definition Creme Foundation

Hi guys!
I’m back with a foundation review. This is actually a super long overdue review. I purchased this foundation about a year ago, back when I was still in Semarang. Of course it was none other but Wayne Goss who introduced this kind of ‘stage makeup’ and I’m always weak when it comes to foundation so I decided to give this a try.

Graftobian is an affordable brand with quality products that you can find online. That explains the super simple packaging. Fancy packaging requires more $$ and seems like Graftobian focus more on the quality of the content. The cream foundation comes in a simple pot with transparent screw lid. Not only budget friendly, but I think the compact packaging is convenient for professional makeup artist who will have a lot of this pots in their makeup traincase. It doesn’t take up so much space. If there was one thing I could fix from the packaging, it would be the screw lid. I prefer a snap shut lid. I think it’s a lot less messy, also smaller chance to lose it, especially when work with more than one pots.

Product performance
The texture of this foundation is buttery soft. It glides easily on the skin and a little bit goes a long way so it takes just a smallest amount of this, and seriously you don’t want to over apply. Because of the super soft consistency, applying too much products makes this foundation slides around and hard to evens out. So I always start small. If you use just the right amount of products, the application is really easy. I can even easily apply this using my paddle brush whereas other foundations tend to be streaky when applied with such brush. Still, it’s necessary to set this foundation with powder.

Coverage/ Finishing/ Longevity
Depends on brushes (or sponge), this foundation gives medium to full coverage. I find using dense brush with flat surface gives minimum coverage while paddle brush and sponge give fuller coverage. This even covers my pores very well even with no primer underneath. The finishing is somewhere between matte and glowy. No reviews describe this as matte but I just don’t think this foundation is glowy enough. I prefer my foundation to be glowier (Not a word, everyone. I made that up). And I found applying this foundation with damped sponge gives me the kind of finishing that I want. As usual, theatrical foundation is not meant to be long lasting, though this foundation gives the usual four to five hours performance before it turns oily on my t-zone. Very much acceptable for me. 

Below is a picture of me wearing this foundation using buffing brush. As you can see, my blemishes on the cheeks still peeking through. You can find other FOTDs of me wearing this foundation on some of my latest FOTD entries.

Color selection
Graftobian offers a wide range of color selections with three different undertones which are cool, warm and neutral. Still, finding shades online could be challenging. The amount the shades available are overwhelming as well. Back when I was about to order this foundation, there weren’t many reviews about this foundation on the internet so it’s kinda hard to find information about which shade that matches me.

Now this is the reason why I never used this foundation until just recently. First of all, I ordered the shade in yellow undertone. Unfortunately, it’s not warm enough for me. It looks a little bit red. Second of all, the shade I ordered, “Desert Sand’ is too dark on my skin back then. I’m about one or two shades darker than my usual shade so this foundation matches me at the moment. Gonna need to order lighter shade, though, once my skin back to its usual shade. About the reddish undertone, I usually set this foundation with my Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre to tone down the red a little bit, but it still kinda bugs me (Not as bad as Guerlain Parure Gold, though)

As always, I don’t feel eligible enough to say about an HD-ness of a foundation due to my lack encounter with any HD tools so this is just my experience around cameras when I’m wearing this foundation. I think the most notable time of testing the performance of this foundation in front of camera is when I was at the launching of Revlon Lip Butter, since it was a bloggers event. There were many bloggers and each of them has different types of camera. Not to mention, the interview with O Channel.

Well, I was browsing through my friends’ entries about the event and thankfully all the pictures turned out great, including the one on television. My face looked flawless and the foundation appeared natural on my skin, which is the key to HD foundation. More than just covering the flaws, it supposed to look natural and not-masky at all. And this foundation gives those qualities. Other things to note are I found no unnecessary shine or white cast.


To sum up, I am very much pleased with this foundation. I prefer light coverage on daily basis so to me this is the kind of foundation I use for special occasion. It could do better in packaging and the undertone but overall this foundation meets my expectations.

I ordered mine from camerareadycosmetics. Back then I had to pay IDR 220k because I had to pay for the shipping fee as well. The website gives free shipping for order more than $60 and my online seller is so nice that she now opens pre-order regularly to be able to collect orders until it reach quota. So next time I can pay less than my first purchase. But even with the shipping fee added, this foundation still considered affordable.


Stephanie said...

I've always loved your reviews. They're honest, easy to read and understand. I'm kinda looking forward to try out this foundation~ ♥

Marcelle said...

Thank you, Stephanie! You really made my day. I'm worried sometimes that I talk too much on my review. Haha..I'm glad you like it. And yeah, the foundation really is worth to try :)

Felicia Permata said...

as usual, i really love your review! i have a really oily skin, so i never tried any cream foundation. (except colek2 kryolan punya mama. hehe) reading your good review about this foundation could break the ice between me and cream foundation relationship. lol. is there any sample size or palette shade for this foundation? kalo ada, kayanya bisa save money buat nyoba2 berhadiah d. hahaha. :P

Marcelle said...

Hi Felicia. Sebenernya alo mau, di camerareadycosmetics itu bisa beli sampel. Harganya $3.99 untuk 2-3 kali pemakaian.

Selain itu Graftobian jual foundationnya dalam bentuk satuan, per 5 shades dan per 16 shades. Biasanya kalo mo nyari shades pada beli yg 5 shades sih. Tapi karena waktu itu takut mubazir, aku pilih shade nebak2.

Aku biasanya ikut pre order dari Femaledaily.