Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mineral Makeup Haul

So my mineral package from Creamymilk finally arrived today. Tadaa... Well, not much, actually.

What I got:
Joppa Full Coverage Foundation in Medium #3
Everyday Mineral Semi Matte Base in Medium Tan
Everyday Mineral Color Corrector in Sunlight
Everyday Mineral Concealer Intensive Tan in sample size
Everyday Mineral Blush Game Show in sample size
Everyday Mineral Flat Top Brush

Here are some swatches, hope this will help. I got my Everyday Mineral base in Medium Tone, which is golden undertone base. As for Joppa, Medium #3 has more olive undertone to it. Here's the picture of two of them, side by side. Since Medium Tan is the second darkest shade in golden area, it appears a little orange on my skin, kinda like brick color (?) and it slightly darker than my real shade *sigh* As for Joppa, I haven't tried it. Although, judging from the color, I think it'll match me better.

As for concealer and corrector area, I got Intensive Tan concealer that is a concealer for medium to dark complexion. And Sunlight corrector, mainly because everybody raved about how great it is on concealing dark under eye area. Well, for someone with super dark under eye like me, I should give it a try, no?

Here's the what Intensive Tan looks like. I took this picture with flash and it looks kinda close to the real color. I tried, but I couldn't capture Sunlight corrector's real color. But you can still see it from picture above.

Last one is Game Show blush. Game Show fall under matte category. It's dark mauve color and super pigmented.


Fifi said...

OK, now I feel like everyone is trying out Joppa except me. Hehe. Nanti di-review yah Joppa-nya. Penasarannn :D