Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Review] L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara

L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene mascara is introduced as curl-fixing volume mascara with:
  • Spiral brush innovation for tapering every single stands of your lashes
  • Amplifying collagen formula for curl, volume and no clump
  • Smudgeproof for 12 hours
First of all, I gotta admit that I was having trouble with the wand, that is the spiral applicator, the first time I tried this mascara. Since mine came with press release box sent from L'oreal, I didn't have any instructions on how to use it. This is how the spiral applicator looks like.

Apparently, each part of the brushes has it's own purpose. First, to pack on volume to your lashes, use the back part of the arch. And then the side of the arch to emphasize the curl. And the tip of it especially to the outer part of the lashes. And nope, no gimmick. It's kinda hard to take a detail picture of the applicator but because the back part of the arch is wider, it holds bigger portion of your lashes. And I love how my lashes fit very well in between the bristles and the product coats every single strands of my lashes. This also great for my lower lashes. I always have trouble applying mascara on my thin lower lashes. But the applicator really holds my lashes, give it more than just definition but packed it with extra volume! So I have to say that this mascara really excel in term of volumizing.

image taken from here

Can not say the same about the curling effect, though. First of all, no matter what the ads said, I firmly believe that mascara CAN NOT make your lashes curled (I'm talking serious curl, like a backward-C, not just a little lift). So I always curl my lashes first before applying mascara. And I can see how this mascara weighed my lashes. I usually curl my lashes until it's lifted and I can see my lashes top the upper line of my eyes. But after I apply this, especially by the middle of the day, my curl has weighed down until the tip is parallel to the line of my eyes. Not that it's back to it's natural shape, but still, the mascara is not doing it's job.

When applied, the texture of the mascara is soft that I can keep layering it without clump. But once I stop and let it dry, the mascara dries into this sticky rubbery consistency and I can not comb through my lashes anymore. Now that stickiness is kinda annoying and feels uncomfortable especially when my upper and lower lashes meet (happens when I don't curl my lashes) they, well, stick together.

When they say that this mascara is smudgeproof, that is so true. I didn't wear it for twelve hours but so far I've never had any smudging experience with this mascara. As smudgeproof as it is, this isn't a waterproof mascara. In fact, this mascara can be easily removed with just warm water. Which is my favorite part because I'm all about being practical! All you have to do is wash your eye area with water and rub it gently. The mascara will be easily removed, turned into a rubbery flecks form. Super easy without dirty black smear around the eyes.

Here's how the mascara performs on me.
bare lashes.

mascara on upper and lower lashes. not curled.
See it yourself and be the judge.

To gather this post in some points.
  • Applicator really works wonder!
  • Volumizing effect
  • Smudgeproof
  • Super easy to remove

  • The spiral applicator takes time to get the hang of with (Shouldn't be a problem if yours come with instructions, though)
  • Uncomfortable sticky consistency
  • Doesn't hold curl

That's my experience trying this mascara. However, my blogger buddy, Nisa, doesn't seem to have any problem with some of my cons points. So check out her review here. If you're interested with L'oreal Curl Impact Collagene mascara, it's available at L'oreal counters at IDR 129k.