Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clean Your Face Using Cleansing Oil

The first time I used cleansing oil is when I was attending Shu Uemura beauty class at the mall. They introduced me to their cleansing oil, which they claimed to be sold for every 20 seconds in Japan, and I was hooked. Seriously, if I could afford buying cleansing oil regularly, I’m not going back to my other cleanser (unfortunately I can’t so I still keep some cleansing milk and other kind of cleansers).

On that beauty class, I was taught on how to use cleansing oil. It’s a bit different than how you use most cleansers but it’s actually really simple. However, some people apparently are not really familiar with the application so I figured I’ll share a step-by-step direction on how to clean your face using cleansing oil.

First is to pump some of the oil to your palm. You can use one or two pumps, depends on how much make up you're wearing. I usually need two pumps when I have waterproof make up on.

Apply cleansing oil directly to your face while dry, with your make up on and everything. I usually start from the area that is the hardest to remove. When I'm wearing waterproof mascara, I usually apply the cleansing oil on my eye first. But it's not necessary, just a habit of mine.

Most cleansing oils are mild and don't sting eyes. Right now I'm currently using MAC cleansing oil and it works fine around the eyes area. Massage your eye area gently. When the waterproof make up comes off, it's gonna smudge all over your eyes and definitely will look dirty but it's fine.

Continue massaging the product all over your face until you can see all of you make up comes off.

Once you have the oil spread all over your face, splash a little amount of water to your face. The oil will turn into a milky consistency. Keep massaging your face and you'll see all the dirt dissolved. You can add more water as you spread it all over you face.

Once you feel all of your make up has been removed from your skin, rinse it. And you're done.

See? Super easy. This step-by-step tutorial might look confusing at first but you'll easily get the hang of it. So far, cleansing oil is my most favorite way to remove my make up. No tugging the skin, you'll need only one product only remove all of your make up, you don't even have to use soap afterward and face feels squeaky clean without feeling dry.

Hope the tutorial helps.


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