Monday, October 17, 2011

[Review] Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner in 'Party Pops' & Waterproof Mascara

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So this is going to be another sponsored a review. This time I'll be reviewing the newly launched CustomEyes line from Revlon. I believe this line consist of two products, eyeshadow palette and mascara.
CustomEyes Shadow & Liner in Party Pops
The palette comes in a sleek rectangle compact with transparent lid so you can easily distinguish one palette from another, especially if you have more than one of these considering all the packaging looks the same. There are five eyeshadows inside with sweater pattern on it, altogether in one pan. Looking at the back of the packaging, these eyeshadows are numbered. 1 is the lightest color all the way to number 5 which is the darkest color in the pan. And there's also a picture, suggesting how to put these colors on your eyes. But of course, there is more than just one way to apply these colors.

When I received this palette I was actually a little bit worried. To be completely honest, if I were to pick one of these palettes my own, I wouldn't pick Party Pops. For one thing, I don't wear bright colored eyeshadows. I usually stick to neutral colors. Another thing, the colors in the palette look too sheer for my skintone I was worried that they won't show up. However I was worried over nothing, really.
The colors show up just fine on me. The peachy coral eyeshadow (no.1) is a bit hard to show up but I just need to add primer underneath (I use Revlon Colorstay concealer as base). And this might show just fine on people with lighter skintone. Other than that I don't have complain with the pigmentation. Here's the swatches of the eyeshadow.

All the eyeshadows in this palette have shimmery finish. They're a tad powdery but I don't experience too much of a fall out during application.
Now the color selection might lead you into thinking that this is a 'goody-two-shoes' type of palette where you can only create subtle eye look. Well, at least that's what happened to me, judging from the pastel-y colors. But again this palette proves me wrong. This palette is so versatile, you can create many different themes using the color combination, from subtle romantic look, to bold smoky look.
All in all, I'm very satisfied with this palette and actually thinking about trying the other palettes. If I'm not mistaken, there are 6 different palettes available and each retails for IDR 100k, which I think is pretty affordable.
Here's two looks that I created using this one palette alone.
The first one is more of a subtle look. Suitable for your date or whatnot. Not impossible for work place if you want something no too extravagant but still playing with colors.
You can also create a smoky look with this palette.

CustomEyes Mascara
This mascara comes with an adjustable bristle. So you get two different finishes in one mascara. Setting 1 gives you long and dramatic lashes while setting 2 gives you long and define lashes. If you think you can memorize which setting is for what, it’s all written on the tube.

The adjustable dial placed on top of the tube with tiny arrow, all you have to do is simply turn it until the tiny arrow pointing at either number 1 or number 2, depends on which you look that you want.
I'm not too familiar with the concept of two in one bristle. Some people said there are some of these at the market but to me, I'm new to this. And the idea of having two bristles in one mascara really sold me out. So basically when you turn the dial to setting 1, the bristles will align while when you dial it to setting number 2, the bristles will stagger. So you'll end up with two different finishes. The bristles is made of plastic and is very comfortable to use it also separate my lashes very well.
The two different settings may sound like a gimmick but they do deliver differently. Setting 1 gives me enough volume. It promised to deliver 'drama' to your lashes but I think it still suitable for daily look. While setting 2 gives just a definition of what you already have, nothing extravagant. In fact, I think setting 2 is way too natural on my already thin lashes *sigh*. The two settings do make my lashes look longer. The only flaw I found is the mascara weigh my lashes a little bit. So after I curled my lashes and put this on, my curl kinda weighed down although it doesn't go back to it's natural shape.
The texture of the mascara is kind of dry. But it doesn't set too fast nor clump so you can wear it in layers. I got mine in color "Blackest Black" which is so true. I love how it adds color and defines my lashes perfectly. It's waterproof and I experienced no smudges during the day.
My bare lashes. As you can see, they're quite a lot but each of them are thin so in general my lashes look thin and super straight.

My curled lashes

This is how setting 1 looks on my lashes

Here's setting 2

One layer of Setting 1 compare to several layers of Setting 2. Setting 2 in a layer is way too thin for my lashes. So you can get dramatic look using setting 2 but you'll need several coat.

This mascara is another product that worth to try from this line. It's available in two colors, black and brown. And available for IDR 100k each.

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Dreamy Princess said...

Love the mascara! This makes your lashes thick and tapering! wow..(:

Dreamy Princess

hanna anindhita said...

WUOOOW i cant stop starring at my own photo! lol

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@Joan: thank you for the compliment dear. Please give it a try :)

@Hanna: I was astonished as well! LOL