Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Experiencing Shinjuku Premium Salon

I was given a chance to try some services at Shinjuku Premium salon. About time. My hair could use another smoothing session as the roots had grown too long already. So there I was, with Nisa, getting a hair makeover.

Shinjuku Premium is located in Kuningan City Mall and just recently opened in Jakarta. Nevertheless, if you happen to live in Surabaya the name must be familiar to you. The salon is sponsored by L'oreal therefore they use L'oreal pro products, a brand I can always count on for haircare. My first encounter with the salon impressed me. I love the ambiance as it feels comfortable. Afterall, salon is a place for me-time. Comfort is key.

I was getting hair makeover together with Nisa. Before decided about what to do, we consulted with Audid, the owner of the salon. Besides smoothing, he suggested an idea to highlight my hair. But being a faint-hearted that I am, I backed out (although I am considering it now). So he decided to cut my bangs straight as it would go together with my medium-length straight hair. The image of Nicole Scherzinger came to mind, so I agreed. On top of all, I just wanted a low-maintainance hair as I spend too much time doing my makeup (or, you know, sleep), I usually have just a very short time to do hair.

Smoothing session, like always, was long and boring. Thank God I had some of my friends there so I spent a lot of my time chitchating. Nisa, Franky and Stella were there as we came straight to the salon right after blogger gathering. Franky was so funny, waiting for me and Nisa, constantly telling us that our hair look good. I wasn't sure if he was being honest or just telling us sweet-nothing, but hey, even false compliments feel good! LOL. The smoothing solution applied not too close to the root to avoid the final result from being too flat. And the good news? I don't have to wait three days to wash my hair. Oh that means a lot! The first three days after smoothing are the days that I hate the most. My hair look flat, oily and these are the times that I usually avoid meeting friends. Just to be sure, I waited a day before I washed my hair. And it says in shape up until now.

After the smoothing session, I got my bangs cut. It was a straight bangs with curve on both ends to shape my face also hid my chubby cheeks. Works well especially when I put my hair into ponytail. I love the final result. If you think a simple thing like get a hair bangs won't make a difference, think again. 

Here's how my hair looked like before the whole process started. To be fair, I straightened my hair before I visited the salon because I was attending blogger gathering first.

Here's how the hair looked like, right after makeover. The roots still too flat and stiff as I just finished smoothing session.

And here's basically how the bangs looked like

After the makeover, Audid blowed dry my hair loosely. He said, the concept is, the way my hair looks like as I left the salon is how my hair is gonna look like on daily basis. And I must say I love the result. I received compliments from my friends, told me I look younger, which is my aim from the beginning.

That was a pleasant experience at Shinjuku Premium and I am one happy customer. Highly recommended. If you're thinking about doing hair makeover, feel free to consult with Audid first. He has good taste in hairstyle.

Shinjuku Premium
Kuningan City Mall Lt.1 #58
(021) 3048.0775


Gabby Pali said...

You did really look younger ce ^^

Marcelle Yulianne said...

Ih.. asiikk! heheh.. tengkyu Gab :-*

Unknown said...

Bangs make us younger instantly! XD