Monday, May 7, 2012

Swatch of Kiko Face Palette in Tangerine Tan

My other kiko Origami Face Palette finally arrived. This one is in the shade Tangerine Tan. I already reviewed the product in general, so this post is just going to be about the swatch and pigmentation, which sadly, even worse than my previous palette.

I was already suspicious when I opened the palette and see a group of warm brown colors that matche my skin tone, except for the dark brown and the peachy pink. If the colors match my skin tone, then how on earth are they going to show up? And I was right. You can see on the swatches below. I swatched the colors separately. They look very pale with very strong warm undertone. Most of the colors show up as yellow and orange. I'm not saying I don't recommend this shade, because as I said on my review, this actually has a wonderful quality But of course Tangerine Tan is definitely not for my skintone, and darker. If you are paler than me, then you should get this. But remember that this is a very warm palette. Don't even bother trying to get it if you have cool undertone

And here's how the color looks like on my cheek after I don't remember how many layers. I lost count after fourth layer. Can't see anything? Yeah, neither do I.

Anyway, I dropped my palette the other day. It fell from the sink which about the height of my hip. It sounded pretty bad. I panicked and immediately picked up the palette from the floor, expecting to find all kinds of mess consists of crumbly blush and pieces of cracked mirror. But I have to give it up to the sturdy packaging and solid product inside. The blush itself just detached form the pan and the five colors separate from each other, but no crumbly mess. Also the mirror stays in one piece.

If you notice that chunk of blush in the picture and staring with questioned mind, well that's not how the palette originally looked like right after it fell. I panicked when it fell and then relieved that the blush was alright so I just pressed the detached product immediately into the pan. And then I realized, this could be a testimony for the product and I wanted to show it on my blog. So.. ehm, I slammed the palette one more time. This time with lighter force though, just enough to detached the product once again and took picture (I realize this story is getting even more absurd as I'm writing it).

So yeah, plus point. Sturdy packaging and dense product. Get this if you can, preferably if you have lighter skintone than mine. And why do I never report about the sturdiness of a packaging? Because I always try my best not to drop any of my makeup compact. But hey, at least there's an advantage from that stupid accident, yea?


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

oh my gosh, it broke my heart when i saw that.. T__T but it's a good thing it has sturdy packaging and dense content in it.. phew! note: Never EVER slam another product, celle.. i can hear them crying already.. hehehe.. :P