Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashionese Daily Forum: an addictive fun!

Ugh.. I feel so guilty abandoning this blog for so long..

Well, anyway, I finally joined Fashionese Daily Forum. It's actually a fashion and beauty forum where you can discuss anything about makeup and fashion. And it seems like this forum has every answers for every beauty makeup questions, whether it's a "what is" question or a "how to" question.

From this forum, I learned a lot about various makeup products and brands, even brands that I can't find here in Indonesia, learned a lot of makeup tricks, got a lot of makeup reviews and the most important thing is this forum forum has a sub-forum labeled Market Plaza. I'm sure you can guess what's that sub-forum for, based on it's name. Ow yeah baby.. It's a place where some sellers sell fashion and beauty items!! And I'm not excited for no reason since they sell makeup brands such as Stila, Nars, Cargo, even Laura Mercier, those brands that you can't find in my country, you can order it from here. That is a very good news and also a very bad effect for my wallet *sigh*

Now I'm in the middle of Stila and NARS pre order. I ordered Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera and Lilium. The seller already got the one in Gerbera. And as for NARS, I still can't decide what to order. I mean I will obviously order their blush, but I still can't decide which shade. I already set my eyes on Torrid and thinking about choosing one more shade. Ooh.. I'm so excited!

Well, anyway, if you love discussing about fashion and/or beauty, I really recommend you to join this forum.