Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Review] Real Techniques Core Collection

Here's another review of Real Techniques brushes. This time is the Core Collection. As you can see, all the brushes included in this collection has yellow handle means these brushes are meant for base products. Inside there are four brushes and you get Buffer brush, Pointed Foundation brush, Detailer brush and Contour brush. Different than the Stippling brush, which is sold as an individual brush, brushes in this collection don't have flat base to help these brushes to stand. But that's because this collection comes with a brush case where you can properly keep all the brushes.

Buffer Brush
According to Sam, this brush is ideal for powder and mineral foundation for full coverage finish. The name of the brush is self-explanatory, it's supposed to be used to buff powder on the face. Personally, this brush is my least favorite out of the collection. I think this brush is not dense enough to buff yet it's not fluffy enough to swirl powder on my face. When I try to buff this brush to blend my powder, it makes awkward motion on my skin that feels uncomfortable. Sam and Nic have been using this brush to apply their liquid foundation so I tried that too. Still, not sold. I rarely use this brush. In fact I only used this to try it and never used it anymore. I wish I could make this brush works because I don't want to waste it, so I'm open to suggestions.

Pointed Foundation Brush
When I first saw this foundation brush included in the collection, I knew this brush is not going to work as my foundation brush. It looks tiny. And yes, it's confirmed as tiny when I received it. The thing is, I'm not a very patient person when applying foundation, especially with traditional foundation brush. I used to like MAC 190 brush and I wished there was a bigger version of the brush. Pointed foundation brush in this collection is even smaller than MAC 190.

I've been using this brush mostly to apply my undereye concealer. As well as for cream blush. And to me, those are the two tasks that this brush really masters. Especially because I have a large undereye area that needs to be covered, plus I've been doing the 'triangle' technique with my concealer that works to conceal my undereye as well as highlighting the area on top on my cheeks. And this brush covers it in no time. The pointed tip makes drawing neat lines when creating the 'triangle' as well as reaching the inner part of my eyes much easier.

However, if you are thinking about purchasing Core Collection in the hope of getting a decent foundation brush, especially if this is going to be your first foundation brush, I'd suggest you to look for other foundation brush.

Detailer Brush
Honestly, I didn't expect anything from this brush when I ordered it. But now this brush has become on of my favorites. This is like a tiny and denser version of the pointed foundation brush in this collection. Just like the name, this brush works for all kinds of detail jobs. Obviously this brush is meant mostly for precise application of concealer but I prefer using this brush to smudge eyeshadow or eyeliner on my lower lashline. I also use it to line white liner all around my eyebrows and blends it. Sometimes I even use it to create a crisp 'outer V' for my eyeshadow application. This brush can also be used to blend lip liner or apply white liner all around you lips. But I decided to keep this brush for eye application only, because using it for eye and lips at the same time sounds like an unsanitary idea.

Contour Brush
Here's the brush that I'm excited the most. I've been looking for a tapered dome shaped brush for proper contouring and highlighting. And this brush does the job very well. This brush rules the cheek areas. I love how this brush has perfect density. It's sturdy enough for contouring yet feels soft when touches my skin. I use the tip to contour the area underneath my cheekbone. This brush is even perfect to create crisp line for heavy contour. I use the side of the brush for highlighting. Sometimes I use this to apply my powder blush as well although this is not really my favorite for that because I prefer fluffier brush for blush. But if you are all about multitasking brush, then this brush is good enough.

Panoramic Brush Case
The idea of including a brush case, in my opinion, is brilliant. It's convenient for proper storage while keeping the brushes together. The brush case even comes with extra space so you can also keep other brushes altogether in this case. By pulling the toggle, the case transforms into a brush stand that you can use to display the brushes. Since the rubber material that holds the brushes are pretty tight, I use it to holds my brushes upside down when drying them.

The brush case is sealed with velcro flaps so the brushes are securely stored which also makes it suitable for traveling.

Despite the hits and misses, this collection as a whole is enough to cover all basic makeup needs. When you're on the go, with this collection, at least you already have brushes for your foundation, powder, concealer and blush. You just need to add some eye brushes if you wear eyeshadows a lot. Again, Samantha Chapman is doing a great job with her brush collection!

If you are interested, Real Techniques Core Collection is available for $17.99


Yuri said...

Clever idea on using the case as a tool for drying the brushes! Jadi multifungsi banget ini brush set ya, nice review!


Anonymous said...

Awh really good timing with this review. I was gonna purchase it for the pointed foundation brush. But after reading this I might need to consider some more ^^

Marcelle Yulianne said...

@Yuri: ahaha.. iya, brush case-nya multifungsi dan berkualitas, considering the price.

@ndot: aah.. perfect timing! beli stippling brush-nya aja

Bubble My Licorice said...

these brushes are amzing!
I love having all my brushes for a perfect make up :)

hanny.only said...

mauu mauu mauuuu... ;)

Unknown said...

Hwy, it's nice review! I've been considering whether to buy RT brush or sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush..I am looking for brush that can be used for liquid foundation as well as for mineral powder (multipurpose eh?) what's your opinion about this? and one more thing, where did you buy those for 17.99 from Indonesia? it's like every online shop here sell them for 285k and above (so much marked up (-__-)
so if you can tell me where to get this set with the cheapest price available, that's going to be a great help! thanks and God bless