Friday, July 10, 2009

PAC Coloparade

Conceiving imagination of the purifying energy with shiny colorful spirit in it. PAC loudly gives you a bold choice of Lipstick Pencil, Color Festival Eye Shadow & Eyebrow Kit straight to the festival of excitement

It's the latest PAC collection. PAC coloparade. I don't have any information about this collection. Found nothing but this picture in the web. I mean, what is it? Is this Limited Edition collections? I don't think so because I recognized the eyeshadow quad in the picture as Rainbow Chic that I already have. And other things you can see in the picture are Eyebrow Kit and the Lipstick Pencil.

Not interested in the eyebrow kit but seriously curious about the lipstick pencil. Been reading some articles about it in the magazines and maybe I should give it a try. The only thing I hate about any PAC lip products is how hard it is to find a natural color for your lips. It's either too pink, or too orange, too red or too nude. Maybe I should go to the counter and really try it on my lips.

Here's the color selections.
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