Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Second Batch of NARS Blushes

Yay! Finally another NARS blushes...

First of all, it's the cult, Super Orgasm. This blush described as peachy pink with gold glitter. Well, the glitters look really chunky in the pan. You may think it'll appear like a disco ball on your cheeks. But surprisingly, the glitters don't really stick to your cheeks and you'll get just a little shimmer.

And then, Taj Mahal. It's burnt orange with shimmer. Gold shimmer, to be exact. Out of the other blushes that I got, Taj Mahal is the most pigmented one. I touched it with the tip of my finger and I got a lot of it. Might think it'll look scary. But, It's not. Just use a fluffy blush brush and tap it, instead of rub it on the surface. I used my MAC 129 and the color look so pretty on my cheeks, so not scary at all, especially the gold shimmer. And then, I made a mistake by layering it with my powder. It kinda hides the shimmer. So use your Taj Mahal alone, don't add powder on it. But highlighter will be fine.

Last one is Outlaw. This is my most favorite out of this batch. The color is rose with shimmer. Well, I'm not good on describing blush colors, but this blush makes my cheeks look litterally blushing. Just like a healthy blush and look so natural. Love it!

*click pictures for larger image.