Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review on Benefit Lip Plump

Benefit Lip Plump is Benefit's idea of a lip primer. It claimed to be a primer for full and sexy lips. This primer gives a smooth base for full, voluptuous, sexy lips and help lip color stay on longer

By the way this lip primer has been sitting in my train case for quiet some times. I got it on my holiday to Europe, last July. And I haven't used it until these last couple of weeks. I remember this Lip Plumps comes with a "how-to" note, just like any other Benefit products. But of course I lost it already.

The packaging is a tube that comes with a wand. Just like a lip gloss usually looks like. So you can just dot the primer directly to your lips. Honestly, I always love this kind of packaging although I know some people might think that a tube like this could be unsanitary.

As for the primer itself, it's a creamy, neutral-tone color primer. Apply about one or two dots of this primer on each of your lips. Blend it. Wait a while until it's dry, then start apply your lipstick.

My first take when I first applied this lip primer, it does erase my natural lip lines. Which is a good thing because I have pigmented lip lines that usually visible even if I have lipstick on. Especially sheer ones. But I notice that this lip primer accentuates my fine lines inside my lips, that makes me look like I have super dry lips. Well, that's unpleasant.

It turns out, this lip primer doesn't absorb into lips. It stays creamy on my lips. So when I apply my lipstick, it feels like mixing your lipstick with a lighter color. Unlike eye primer that supposed to make eyeshadow looks more vibrant, this lip primer makes your lipstick color looks lighter. And that means you have to apply more pigments to get the actual color of your lipstick. I try to apply my lipstick directly form the tube and with a brush, and both give me similar results. Same thing happen when I do my lip liner. So that makes lipstick application twice longer.

Once I have my lipstick on, I notice no plumping effect whatsoever. And this lip primer does nothing to help my lipstick stays on longer. I have the same result with or without primer. My lipstick eventually fades in the middle of the day. This primer does help prevent dryness on my lips, though. I put this on under my Revlon Superlustrous that usually doesn't just dry on my lips but also literally dried my lips. With this primer, I notice no dry feeling. But it's the same effect I can get from my drugstore lip balm.

So, to sum up, this lip primer does no bad effects on me as well as it does nothing for my lipsticks. It's a shame though, considering how pricey this primer is. I don't mind to keep using it but definitely will not repurchase.


Shilka said...

Seems many lip primers fail not to mix with the lipstic color :( Shame, I wish there was some holy grail lip primer like UD primer potion, but for lips :D

Anonymous said...

I think lip plum doesn't suit indonesian lips, indeed..haha