Saturday, December 17, 2011

FOTD: Playing Coral + Current Skin Breakout

Hi guys.

Long time no talking to you. I finally came up with an FOTD after flooding you with product reviews. Nothing fancy, I was just trying out some of my recent purchases. I was attending a church event so I came out with a neutral look, nothing fancy. But decided to play around with colorful lips. And this time I put on my Calvin Klein lipstick in 'Cognac'. I love the color. I'm hot really used to coral color like this. Usually I'll go either nude or completely bold, like red. was a bit worried the lipstick would appear weird on me. But on second thought, it looked just fine and really compliment the warm eye make up.

For my eyes, I used my Urban Decay Naked Palette. Not gonna tell you the which eyeshadows I was wearing! Haha.. I'm currently collecting FOTDs using my Naked palette. Been playing a lot with it lately and later I'm gonna post about the palette in one entry along with the FOTDs. So stay tuned!

By the way I didn't get to blog a lot last month due to my classic excuse, 'hectic schedule'. I had to move to Jogjakarta back in late October and I stayed there for a month for my Forensic cycle. I stayed there in a boarding house together with my friends from the same cycle. The cycle was crazy. I tell you one thing, if you watch Forensic-related TV series and think that it is a cool job, I only have two words for you: think. again. No matter how many autopsies I've done, I can never get rid of the uneasy feeling whenever I see a corpse bag waiting to be opened. Anyway, I want you to still read this beauty blog and I really don't want to scare you so let's stop this topic right here. But yeah, I didn't get to post too many entries. Even before I moved I already knew it. I took pictures of some of the products I wanted to post but that's all so I can write post when I'm in Jogja, but that's it. As I said, I stayed with with my friends, they would just popped up on my door whenever and I didn't want them to find me with make up on my face while wearing pajama.

Another thing, my skin is currently breaking out. Hardcore. I can't even remember when it started, but it got worse and worse mostly when I arrived at Jogja. Probably because dealing with new environment, I wasn't sure. But it was the worst breakout I've ever experience (still is, actually). I got pimples popping up on my skin, all red, scaly, itchy and hurt! I tried everything but nothing worked. Even antibiotics and oral isotretinoin didn't seem to work. I ditched all of my skincare, even began to wash my face with just oatmeal to prevent exposing my skin to more chemical substances. And the most frustrating part is that, I can't even figured out what the actual culprit is!!! Maybe you can still see how bad my skin was in my entry about my sister's wedding.

Because of that condition, I had to stop wearing makeup, though I still do for some special occasions. Now that I'm back in Jakarta, my skin is getting a lot better. Those hideous pimples are still showing on my cheek, you can even see it in my FOTD above. But that's already a better condition. I have dark acne scars all over my face but at least the bumps are reduced and the scars can be covered with makeup whenever I'm going to some occasion that requires me to put on makeup. Until now, my skincare routine consists of only Vitamin C serum and a bar soap for acne skin.

I know I have never been the girl with the most clear skin, but my current skin condition really frustrates me. I hate that I have acne scars all over my face. I know it will take months until it's completely gone. And the fact that this happens around Christmas really makes me sad. This is just like high school all over again.

Remember girls, your skin is very valuable. Try to avoid breakout as much as you can because dealing with skin breakout really is depressing, time consuming and freaking expensive! In the mean time, wish me luck on taking care of this stupid breakout.


Fifi said...

Aww you were in Jogja?? Too bad we didn't get a chance to meet up, you were probably super busy!

I'm sorry to hear about you breaking out especially that it's almost Christmas. Maybe it's hormonal? Have you tried taking zinc supplements? My breakout started around June and now my skin is still recovering but it's a lot better now. For me 100% Tea Tree Oil seems to help, I use two drops mixed with my toner every night. But then again if it was hormonal, it'll go away overtime. Just hang in there!

Marcelle said...

Fi, thank you for the recommendations. The sales lady at Watson offered me a Zinc supplement the other day but I hesitated. Now that you mentioned it, I decided to grab one and give it a try. Hope this will work.

Btw, what brand of tea tree oil do you use? I couldn't find one :-/