Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Holiday Haul

Hi guys! How's holiday treatin' ya? I'm so happy that I have three weeks holiday at the end of this year. Holiday is like a luxury for me. Don't get it so often. And of course, holiday is an excuse for hauling, not? Well, everyday is an excuse for hauling! LOL.

Anyhoo, my Sephora purchased has finally arrived.

I took the advantage of Friends and Family Sale to purchase Lorac Multi-Platinum Palette along with theBlam Mary-Lou Manizer. Since these are the two brands that I've been curious about.

On my first week of holiday, I went to Singapore with mom and sister along with some family friends who came to Indonesia to attend my sister's wedding. I was so excited because that was my first trip abroad since two years ago! This co-ass life really tie me down, I couldn't leave the city so often. People say Singapore is a too common destination for vacation as it's too similar to Jakarta (Umm.. believe me, if Jakarta is similar to Singapore I would never want to leave Jakarta. Unfortunately, for me, those two cities are nothing alike.) But I don't care. I just need a getaway from my boring recent activities. To be honest, I didn't even have any plan on what to do in Singapore, but then my sister told me that Wicked is currently performing at Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. So that went right into the top of my list!

I watched Wicked together with my sis and some friends. It was a beautiful performance. Funny, smart, touchy. I was very entertained. Definitely in love Wicked. On our way to and from MBS, me and my sis kept singing 'Defying Gravity' like a broken record.

I also did some shopping, of course. Just a little, out of curiosity.

I got a set of Hada Labo skin care in travel size because I was so curious about the infamous lotion yet I didn't want to purchased the full size since I wasn't sure whether or not it's gonna suit my skin. I also purchased hourglass Extreme Sheen Lipgloss in 'Siren' which is a metallic tomato-red. I've wanted the gloss the first time I saw it at temptalia. I didn't know Singapore has Hourglass available at Sephora. When I saw it, I grabbed the gloss right away and took it to the cashier without even thinking. I'm glad I did!! Another thing is theBalm Balmbini palette that contains most of theBalm favorite's products in miniature. A great way to try theBalm products without having to purchase the full size first.

Back to Jakarta, I also purchased some things. Because... uumm... I'm out of reason. D'oh. But I was specifically looking for a red berry nail polish for Christmas, and the sales lady recommended OPI Bogota Blackberry to me. I also bought Revlon Satin single eyeshadow in 'Peacock Lustre'. I dropped by at NYX counter and got NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Milk' because everybody seem to have it and I want one too!

Somewhere between Christmas and New Year, I got back to Singapore. This time with just my mom and dad. Again, wandering around Singapore not knowing what to do. But sale was everywhere! And I managed to grabbed these babies.

Some nail polishes, OPI It's My Year, Swimsuit... Nailed It and Need Sunglasses?. Since my my years as co-ass are about end, I can wear nail polishes liberally again so it' time to stock up again. I also got Milani Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso (again, can't believe Singapore has Milani and we have nothing here!) and Too Faced Naked Eye palette.

Well.. That's not too much right? Right? RIGHT???? I'm out of excuses except for the fact that shopping makes me happy! LOL. Anyhoo, gotta get back to my family's gathering. It's new year's eve and here I am in my room, blogging.

Since this is the last day on 2011 I just wanna wish you all the best on 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!! :)


cheetz said...

What? Milani ada di Singapore? Dimana? Yahhh, after Christmas gue ke sana cuma jajal Sephora doang itu pun buru buru, hiks :(

Marcelle said...

iya.. ada.. lumayan lengkap pula. punya gw beli di Robinson, waktu itu lagi diskon. tapi di John Little juga ada pas maen ke Marina Square.. :D
waktu abis natal sephora juga sale kan..