Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tribute to a Diva. RIP Whitney Houston.

Hi guys. Let me take a time to write a post as a tribute to the Diva, Whitney Houston, who has just passed away as I wrote my last entry.

I'm a nineties girl so I can say that I grew up with Whitney (her and other incredible divas such as Celine and Mariah). Her songs filled my everyday and listening to her songs now brings back a lot of beautiful memories. Whitney has more than just a wonderful voice. Her songs get me everytime. She sings not with just her voice but with her heart. Her songs make me sing, make me dance, make me smile even cry. Listening to her makes me realized that music is more than just a batch of notes waiting to be sung. Music has a way to people's heart. It's magic.

I said before that I'm not a type of person who follows celebrity's personal life. But I knew about her trouble with her marriage and drugs. To me those didn't make her any less of a Star. Hey, everybody has problems in their life. It's not right, but it's okay. All these times she was on absence in music world, I believed she'll come back someday. So it came as a shock to me to hear the news that she has passed away. I'm writing this piece while listening to one of her songs, 'I Look To You'. It's hard not to shed a tear.

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston. Thank you for bringing your music into the world. You may have gone but you will continue to live on in everyone's hearts. Someday my (future) children will sing your songs. You are a legend. You will be missed. And the world will always love you.

1963 - 2012

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