Friday, March 9, 2012

OPI Nicki Minaj Marble Nails

Yeay! Finally did the Nicki Minaj marble nails after I got all the OPI Nicki Minaj collection that I wanted. And yeah, I finally purchased 'Pink Friday'. I still think it's a so-so color when worn alone. But it gives a beautiful addition to marble nails.

For this nails, I used Pink Friday, Fly and Did It on 'Em. I also used Save Me which is the glittery nail polish. I used Did It on 'Em as base color. The main idea was to use the three cream finish colors and add glitter on top. But the glitter is too full, it covered the whole nail underneath. Argh! No likey. So I redid some of the nails and added Save Me just as an accent on my middle finger.

By the way, I put the picture of my nails as my blackberry messenger picture. This is the second time I put picture of my marble nails there. And on both times I got same reactions from boys and girls. While the girls asked how did I do my nails and gave me compliments. My guy friends asked me what happened to my nails in a confused manner.

Oh boy, men and women really come from different planets, don't we?


Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

hahahaha.. yeah, boys do that to me alot, we're from Venus, they're from Mars.. :p

Marcelle said...

Cicil: yeah.. boys could be blind sometimes. hmmf..

Shasha said...

hahaha boys are always be boys..
nice mani :)

looxperiments said...

All my attempts to do this marbling thingy always ended up with my nails looking like they're bulging. Definitely not as easy as it seems in youtube tutorial :D

Oh well, (straight) MEN, they don't understand the concept of makeup AND beauty blog, once my guy friend asked 'Itu lo dandan sendiri dan motret sendiri trus dipajang di blog? Ngapain?' :))

Oh well

Marcelle said...

Shasha: ahaha.. agree! boys will be boys. let them be. >_<

looxperiments: eeew... I can't believe your friend said that. if only he knew how much your blog has inspired a lot of girls!

anyway, about marbling, kalo bermasalah coba di-adjust temperaturnya airnya. waktu itu gw bikin marble nail tapi airnya dingin gara2 kena AC, jadinya nail polishnya cepet kering di air trus hasilnya jelek.