Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FOTD: Lotsa Lashes

Hi guys.

I'm sorry I couldn't blog regularly in the mean time. I'm currently preparing for my exam. Public Health is going to be my last cycle, as well as my last exam as co-ass. However, here's a post just to keep this blog updated. Ha!

I was playing around with my makeup because I wanted to give some of my thebalm eyeshadows a try. And I was about to do swatches of my Revlon Lip Butter review post. However the sun set pretty quick and all the pictures look too dark, even Photoshop couldn't help it. Blah! But I didn't want to waste some good pictures. Haha..

I was playing with a lot of lashes here. I think I finally have to admit that extravagant lashes really do make a dramatic difference in my makeup. Ah.. If only I managed to gain confidence and wear those lashes in public. After taking some pictures, I removed the lashes and went to the mall. At least I published the pictures on my blog. We're taking baby steps here.

Lashes I used was Elise lashes that I used on my Christmas FOTD. And added a pair of demi lashes I used on my FOTD for Sariayu contest. They looked like a match made in heaven. For my lower lashes, I used Elise individual lashes. Oh my... I couldn't believe I've been neglecting those pretty baby all these times. They look amazing. My lower lashes looked so full.

The rest of the products I used
Graftobian HD Creme Foundation 'Desert Sand'
MUFE Lift Concealer '3'
Stila Concertible COlor 'Peony'
Urban Decay Afterglow Blush 'Score'
MAC satin eyeshadow 'Cork'

Urban Decay Primer Potion 'Eden'
theBalm Meet Matt(e) palette
theBalm eyeshadow 'Insane Jane'
theBalm 'Mary Lou-manizer'
MUFE Aqua Eyes'1L'
Bourjois Liner Clubbing 'Absolute Black'
L'oreal Volume Shocking Mascara
Mac satin eyeshadow 'Cork'
Revlon Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

Revlon Lip Butter 'Creme Brule'


SeVeRuSLoVez said...

huwaaaa lashes nya cakeeeeeeeeeep..XD~~


christanath's said...

Love the lip color, it suits you <3
i wonder if you're willing to make a nose contouring tutorial, it would be nice :D

White Lotus : Beauty on Budget said...

CAntek kale bulmat-nya, make esedo-nya jugak rapih *bow*

carryn said...

WOOOOW!!!!! I couldnt imagine how to put it perfectly like yours! Haha.. *selalu kurang sukses masang falsies

My Lovely Sister said...

love your lashes^^

Pinkbuble said...