Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Review] Kiko Origami Face Palette


This might sound really late, but I've been into Kiko products a lot lately. If you're probably not familiar with this brand, for all I know, this is an Italian brand. And that's the extension of my knowledge about the brand, so far. Nothing more. My aunt's been traveling a lot and gave me some Kiko products for me to try. Kiko Origami Face Palette no. 04 (Hot Pink Contour) is one of the many products she gave me. I looked up at the website and apparently this is part of their limited edition Summer collection, Blooming Origami. I'm not sure how long this collection would be available. But I tried to provide this review as soon as I could and hopefully you'd still have time to get your hands on the collection.

Origami Face Palette caught my attention at first sight. The packaging is sleek and clean looking. The velvet pouch gives an extra luxurious feel. Reminds me of products from Dior or Chanel. It also comes with a huge mirror which makes it handy for touch up during the day. 

Inside is this five colored face powder / blush with satin and shimmery finish, arranged beautifully in a way that mimics origami. The colors inside, based on my own definition, are warm deep brown, pale chalky pink, deep hot pink, shimmery bronze and taupe. I assume, multi-colored face palette usually means you get contour color, along with blush and highlight / face powder. Or you could just swirl all the colors at once and treat it as a blush. I swatched all the colors and I must say the only two colors that show up easily on my skintone are the deep brown and the deep hot pink which isn't a surprise considering those are the only two colors that have the most pigmentation out of the five. The shimmery bronze doesn't deliver much color but gives a shimmery finish to the blush in general. And I have no idea why are the pale pink and taupe colors even included in this palette as they, in my opinion, contribute nothing. I don't see how the colors would work when applied individually, so I just swirl them all together and apply it just as blush.

The texture of the product, quoted from the website, is "brand-new texture, the result of an advanced extrusion-baked powder technique." God knows what does extrusion-baked mean but I'm impressed with the texture and the finish of this blush (let's just call this a blush from now on, because that's what I use it for). The color doesn't easily show up on my skin, so I have to layer it. But it is worth the effort. About three layers of this will do. The texture is really soft and blends well on my skin. It has this 'transparent' finish that gives the 'glowing-from-within- effect and looks very natural on me. That's not something I usually get from powder blush. The blush last on me about 8 hours until I had to remove my makeup. Although it's kind hard to notice when did it start to fade since the color itself are pretty sheer. 

So I'm just gonna gather all my thoughts into conclusion now (I'm trying to cut the length of my reviews and all my entries in general. Started to think that I ramble too much. Let me know what do you think, though). Origami Face Palette as a face palette with multi-colored shades might be a great idea but doesn't really live up to the claim, which is to "enhance cheeks and cheekbones and sculpt the complexion." As a blush, though, I really like it. It does take effort to make the color show up, but it's worth it. Then again, it might show up a lot easier if your skintone is lighter than mine. 

Here's how the color shows up on me as blush. As you can see the color is pretty sheer but it's noticeably there. 

Kiko Origami Face Palette is available in 4 different colors. Palette number 1 is specifically a color correcting powder while the rest are face palettes like this one that can be used for blush and whatnot. Luckily my parents is currently on vacation in Europe so I asked them to get me palette no. 02, which is Tangerine Tan. I can't wait to see how it turns out on me.


Xiao Vee said...

nice review ^^
belum pernah coba kiko sebelumnya >,< masih asing banget..heheh

Marcelle said...

Xiao Vee: hehe.. iya, disini emang agak susah didapet sih soalnya seller jarang buka PO dari eropa, biasanya US. tapi kalo bisa dapet lumayan sih nyoba2. produknya bagus2..