Wednesday, May 27, 2009

L'oreal True Match Minerals Foundation

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I finally threw my my L'oreal True Match Minerals, right into the sink.

I have no experience with any L'oreal foundation or powder before. And I read a pretty tempting review about this so I decided to give this mineral makeup a try. It said in the packaging that this True Match Minerals Foundation gives:
  • Evens skin tone like a foundation
  • Light as a powder
  • Long lasting
I bought mine in G5, as in Golden Sand. Not the perfect shade, still looks mask-y on my face. But they have only about four or five shades, so you gotta make your choice. And this Golden Sand is the closest shade to my skin. So, I think the name True Match is not the right name.

I was already disappointed even on first trial. First of all, the application is kinda tricky, since this is a powder (okay, you can't blame this product on this, since I feel the same way on any powder products). But another cons, this foundation doesn't go smooth on my skin and you can still feel that you're wearing makeup. So I'd strike 'light as powder' from the list.

As for long lasting, well, I don't know how long is it that they're talking about. I put on this foundation and off to church. I didn't have to wait until the church end, I got oil all over my face. Bare in mind that I have a rather dry skin. I never looked that oily before. So, it safe to say that this product has an awful oil control.

And then the thing that happened that really led me into throwing this thing. When I put on this foundation and buff it all over my face, suddenly I feel something wrong with my nose and my throat. I try to cough and there you go, my phlegm.. and it's brown. So I guess I inhale this mineral makeup. And kinda stuck in my throat or something. It happened twice. So before it happened for the third time, I'll just throw it away.

Still, of all the cons I've listed, there's still something that I love about this True Match foundation. That is, the packaging and the brush that's attached to it. I mean, it's very practical. As for the brush, it's kinda funny because that's actually the thing that people complained about from this product. But I love it since it's dense and sturdy. So it picks up a lot of pigment. In the end, I use this brush to apply my not-so-pigmented blush.

About this review, I'm not generalizing all of L'oreal mineral makeup. In fact, I'm thinking about trying the blush right now. I'm just a type of person whose really picky when it comes to foundation and powder.

Anyway, after I threw my True Match foundation, I still keep the packaging. Maybe I'll fill it with something.. My PAC shimmering powder is what I have in mind right now.