Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera

Ok, another order finally arrived. Hmm.. am I shopping too much? (please don't answer the question)

This time it's Stila Convertible Color, and my order is in Gerbera. I ordered it from one of FD member in Kuala Lumpur. She said something about warehouse... or something, I wasn't really paying attention. All I know is, this Convertible Color worth $25 and I only have to pay for Rp185000. Isn't it a good deal? ;)

As for the Convertible Color, it's actually cream that you can use for your cheek and lips. And here's mine:

The color is too pretty, I just can't wait to try it. I used my MAC 187 brush to apply the color on my cheek, and my 194 brush to apply the color on my lips.

STILA Convertible Color in Gerbera on NC37-NC40
and pigmented lips

I think the color looks beautiful on my cheek but looks kinda dull on my lips. But that's fine, I can always mix it with other lip color. I can't say anything about the staying power of this product yet, because I haven't tried it that long (I just swatched it on my cheeks and lips for this entry). But, so far, I'm loving it! Maybe I should add other colors for my collection. And here's the swatches for other Convertible Colors. Maybe my next CC would be Petunia and Poppy.. Hmm..