Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, People..

Happy Easter everyone. How do you celebrate your Easter? This is my first Easter where I don't have anyone around.Boyfriend just got back to Jakarta. So I went to church all alone. Sad, me.

Just to remind you, this is going to be a totally random post. I have nothing to do around the house, so I turned on my computer and start twittering, blogging, youtubing and all that jazz.

Here's my today's look. Just a simple look to go to church. I don't wanna wear too heavy make up, so I ditched my foundation today. Oh! And finally I got a chance to take pictures under natural lighting. I took this picture in my car, on my way to church while waiting for the traffic light. 

I put on my Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Medium on my under eyes for this look. No matter how simple my make up is, concealer is always a must for me. If you have my under eye circles, you'll understand why. And then I applied Everyday Mineral Semi Matte Base in Olive Medium. It's light to medium coverage, you can still see my blemishes here and there, but that's the point. The mineral base evens out my skintone without making it looks masky. It looks more natural. I used MAC Mineralized Blush in Fab-Dabulous for this look. 

For my eyes, I applied Urban Decay Primer Potion first even though I'm not gonna wear eyeshadows. But applying eye primer helps reduce oil on your lids. That way, your eyeliner will stay put. I don't bother wearing primer when I have no eyeliner on. I still wanted to make my eyes stand out, so I lined my upper tight lines and lash lines with my Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes no. 0 and then layered it with my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner. I winged my eyeliner because that's an easy way to drives people attention to your eyes, plus for me, it makes my eyes look wider, which I love. Then I added Stila eye shadow in Kitten to highlight my browbone and inner corner of my eyes. And of course, shaped my eye brows using my favorite, VIVA eyebrow pencil.

For a second I was thinking about putting on red lipstick and copy Dita Von Teese's look. But I didn't think I have enough confidence to wear red lipstick for everyday look. I still need some time to get used to it. So right now I'm saving my red lipstick for formal occasion only. Haha.. Anyway, I put on my NYX Round Lipstick in B52 instead.

On my way back home, I bought a new shampoo. I have seriously dry to damaged hair, due to permanent straightening. Have you ever heard about Kadus Imunal? Well, I haven't. But the sales lady gave me this when I asked her for a great shampoo to fix dry hair. I also bought two sachets of hair mask from the same brand jut to try it first. Hopefully these things really work and I'll let you know.

Another thing, I learned to shaped eyebrows. And I did it on my boyfriend's eyebrows. Yes, he went through all the plucking and survived. LOL. You can see his 'before' eyebrows on my previous entry, and here's the 'after'.

Not bad, eh? And to my surprise, he liked it! He said the eyebrows shape gives him the 'eagle eyes' look. LOL. Whatever dear, just as long as you like it. I told him to keep his eyebrows in that shape until my graduation day, so it'll look good in pictures. He said yes, but I can't really picture him going to a salon to get his eyebrows shaped. I dunno.. 

Anyway, this is the end of this entry. Told ya this is gonna be so random. LOL. Thanks for reading, by the way.