Friday, April 23, 2010

Tutorial on My Birthday Look

I know my birthday is sooooo yesterday. But then I remember that I haven't show you the close up of the look I did. So, I decided to do a tutorial as well. 

First, I'm gonna need a black base. I use Stila Kajal Liner in 'Onyx'. Apply it on my lid and then blend it. By the way, boyfriend walked in when I was doing this step and he was, like, "Whoa! Is that because we're going to a jail-themed restaurant?!" LOL! 

This is how it looks like after you blend it. Take a little bit of it and blend it upward to the crease

Next, I apply Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in 'Underground' on top of 'Onyx'

Apply crease color, which is Urban Decay Deluxe eye shadow in 'Honey'

MAC 'Carbon for the outer corner

Drag 'Carbon' to the outer half of the lower lash line

Don't forget to add eye liner on your upper lash line and lower tight line

And the final look...


Shilka said...

super-pretty :D