Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MUFE Blogger Event Meet & Greet with David Arbid (Picture Heavy!!!)

Today Make Up Forever is having an event, which is a meet and greet with their international make up artist, David Arbid who is currently visiting Indonesia. They sent out an invitation about a week ago, stating that this is an event for beauty bloggers and I'm allowed to bring friends to the event.

I was really really excited. I have received some invitations from Makeup Forever before, but sadly the timing was never right. Imagine how happy I was when I received the invitation, knowing that this time I can actually attend the event. It's ecstatic!

The event was held at Diagonale Lounge, Plaza Senayan. Apparently, the whole place was booked for the event. So we had the place, just for us to have fun. Since I was allowed to bring friends so I asked my friend, Hanny, to come with me.

Pardon me because this is my very first time attending a meet and greet as a blogger so I was kinda unprepared. The only thing I have in my mind is to carry my camera without remembering how a blocknote and a frickin' pen would be essential! Oh God. I had to borrow a pen from the waiter and also asked him if he has a piece of paper. Speaking about rookie. Ugh!

Thankfully I had Hanny with me. I asked her to help me write down what David Arbid said, while I was busy taking pictures. She also helped me taking pictures with other fellow bloggers. So nice of her. I also asked my sis to come, unfortunately she was unavailable due to her hectic work schedule.

When we arrived at the lounge, the place was decorated with some MUFE products on display and also makeup station.

Ina Balasong, General Manager of Make Up For Ever Indonesia, is giving a small talk before the demo started.

David Arbid and the model before makeover.
Products used during make up demo.

Taking pictures with David Arbid. It was David's idea to pose as if he is doing make over on us. So we are sitting on the chair, with him next to us holding a brush. Everyone was doing the same pose, until Hanny stepped in. She really cracks me up sometimes.

Stella and Priscilla doing an interview for their blog.

My very first time meeting the bloggers. Imagine being surrounded with people who has the same passion as you. It was a blast. And they are so nice too! So glad to meet you, ladies.

Make Up Forever team with David Arbid. Thank you so much for the opportunity. More event like this, please?

Beauty bloggers with David Arbid. We definitely love this guy!
The bloggers from left to right: Priscilla, Desy, Nisa, Stella, Hanna, Susi, Me and Franky

Goody bag!

That was a real great experience to have a meet and greet held by a brand as big as Make Up Forever. And in my opinion, really is a great way to support local beauty bloggers as well as introducing their products to common people. After all, we bloggers, are not expert or whatever. We are just a bunch of people with passion and interest for make up.

So, thank you Make Up Forever Indonesia for holding this event and the adorable David Arbid for the time tutoring us, sharing tips, tricks as well as experience about make up. I'm gonna post David Arbid's tips and advice about make up in separate post. Because otherwise this is going to be a very long post. For other bloggers who wants to have the pictures without the watermark, please leave me a message and give me your e-mail address so I can contact you.

And a special shout out to our fellow blogger in Jogjakarta, Fifi. We are all agree that this event would be much more exciting if you were here. So, next time maybe?


hanna anindhita said...

Aku mau fotonyaaaa, boleh ya? Hehe.. Email nya

thankyou dear, it was very fun to meet you all!

sila said...

It was great time to meet u all, can't wait for the next ;D

bagi fotonya donk celle email KU:
thanks ^_^

stellalee92 said...

wow you've posted it already =D so fast!
I've just blogged about a review product so should keep the post for the next few days hehe

its an amazing to meet up with you all, i hope we can meet again together and talk about our passion <3

Marcelle said...

hanna & susi, email-nya eike catet dulu ya ibu-ibu. I'll notify you once I send the pics.

stella, iyaa.. I was too excited, I stayed up until morning doing this post. can't wait to hear your story about the event, especially the interview ;)

stellalee92 said...

wow, amazing =D i stayed up till morning to finish a post too, gotta finish my review first coz its been delayed so long

anyway, nice photos and article you have ^__^/ wish to hear your review about their make up products that they sent to us :3

I will post it soon :D please stay tune hehe <3

pinkbuble said...

Celle, thanks for dropping by to my blog!!
I've been reading others blog regarding the invitation and the product review.

Oh my..i keep telling them how envy i am to y'all of getting such a great opportunity to meet and greet with all gorgeous blogger!!

Can i link u?

Marcelle said...

okay, you may not get a chance to join this bloggers gathering. BUT you have easy access to Sephora. so I guess we're even! LOL.
ayoo.. kapan2 kesini jadi bisa rame2 ketemu :)

carryn said...

Dapet linknya dari blog Stella Lee.. *beauty blogger blogwalking. Ternyata udah follow.. Salam kenal Marcelle! =) Aku link yaaap..

Marcelle said...

hi carryn!
iya, kayanya udah pernah mampir kesini deh. anak FD juga kan?
tadi mo mampir ke blogmu tapi ga tau kenapa ga bisa masuk. next time coba lagi and I'll link you too :)