Thursday, June 21, 2012

[Review] Revlon Age Defying Foundation

  • This product was sent to me by Revlon for review purpose. However, this is my honest opinion.
  • While trying this, I am currently on Accutane. This means, I my skin is very dry at the moment and the verdict of the review might be bias. I usually write my review based on my oily-combination skin, so the performance might be different. Once I’m done with my treatment and I notice a different result of the product, I will update this review

Hi guys!

So here's another review of Revlon latest collection. I'm sure you've seen this foundation in their counter lately. It's their Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup. This foundation claims to combine makeup and anti aging skincare to help protect skin's DNA to fight the signs of aging.

At the moment, I don't really have aging problems that I need to deal with. Yes, I know that it is important to prevent rather than to fix the problem. But right now I'm too busy fixing my breakout, instead of aging signs. Besides, if the product claims to fix aging signs by providing UV-rays protection, I  might as well write about sunscreen. I always say that I don't care about skincare effect in my makeup and always treat makeup as it is, which is makeup and not skincare.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation comes in a transparent plastic bottle mimicking the shape of DNA strands. Nice touch. It also comes with a pump and everybody loves foundation that comes with a pump! Spare us from messy makeup application.

This is a cream foundation. It has a light buttery texture that spreads easily. I don't understand why Revlon keeps infusing all of their complexion products with shimmer, especially for a foundation that's targeted for mature skin. Just like the infamous Photoready, this, too, has shimmer. BUT at least the shimmer is more obscure. It gives the skin just enough dewy radiant look, minus the vampire-shine. As much I enjoy blending the buttery texture, this foundation slips and melts easily. My skin is currently very dry so I can still get away with this foundation without powdering it. However, in general, it is recommended to set this with powder. Piece of advice., though, don't set it using dry translucent powder (like HD powder) as the dry finish only accentuates the shimmer. Happened to me.

Due to the buttery texture, I prefer to apply this with dense brush to help set the foundation on my skin. I use Sigma F80 or Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I tried damped sponge but it just wiped away the foundation from my face. And the regular paddle foundation brush only left me with streaky finish. I didn't try applying it using my stippling brush because my skin is really flaky right now, the brush will only enhance the flakiness. I use patting motion when applying this foundation.

How the foundation looks like before powder.

The coverage is light and can be built to medium-light coverage. As you can see, my acne scars is pretty noticeable underneath it. I actually love how light this foundation feels on my skin. I thought this foundation would be a great option for daily foundation. Unfortunately it falls short in terms longevity. It melts easily. Right now I could eliminate oil as the culprit, but this foundation easily melts when contact with sweat. And when I try to pat the sweat, the foundation transferred and left me with patchy looking complexion. That's too bad.

My shade is Medium Beige (25) and it matches me perfectly. But then again, the coverage makes the shade selection quite forgivable. Medium Beige is medium dark with warm undertone, and for all I know is the darkest shade available. By the way, this might be a sponsored review, but Revlon sent me Fresh Ivory (05) which, ironically, is the lightest shade available. So, in order to to come up with this review, I decided to purchase the right shade on my own. There are five shades available for this foundation.

Left: Medium Beige; Right: Fresh Ivory

Overall, I've been wearing this foundation a lot lately just for the sake of the lightweight feeling. Mostly to places where I know I won't be sweating a lot, which is not so hard considering I'm exposed to air conditioner almost 24 hours a day. I have compact powder ready to handle the melting issue in the middle of the day. When my skin is dry, like now, this foundation is okay. However I don't see myself wearing this once I'm done with Accutane and back to my usual oily combination skin.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation is available at Revlon counters and retails for IDR 145k.


hanny.only said...

nice one! dannn apa ini yang lo maksud dgn racun2 selanjutnya? f80 ma expert brush.. oh nooo!! tempting nii..

Cloverlovebeautystore said...

kayanya coveragenye kurang yah sist? :(

mampir-mampir yah say

thanks a loott~~~ <3

Rich Amor said...

nice share.
just a blog walking, menjelajah belantara blog-blog kosmetik.

Beauty Blogger Indonesia said...

Good review! Aku bingung kenapa Revlon selalu buat foundation dengan shimmer. Padahal bisa dibilang foundation Revlon coverage-nya lumayan.

Beauty Blogger Indonesia said...

Ini ada shimmer-nya kah sist? Kalau aku perhatiin, revlon foundation suka ada shimmernya.