Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally, NYX in Taman Anggrek!

About two days ago, I was wandering around in Matahari Department Store in Taman Anggrek and I saw this NYX logo and an empty counter. I was really really excited knowing that NYX was about to open in Taman Anggrek (the closest shopping mall from my apartment)!!

So today, I came back to Matahari, only to see if the counter's open yet. And it is!!! Ooh.. just when I needed a new (and affordable, of course) pink blush and lipstick!!! And even cooler, when I got there, all of testers are still new and smooth. The Beauty Assistant had to convince me over and over, "Yes, these are testers. It's okay, you can touch them." Hahaha...

And this is my small haul:
  • NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in 33 Lagoon
  • NYX Blush in PB05 Pinky
  • NYX Goddess of The Night (Lipgloss with Mega Shine) in 113 French Kiss
And I got this NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil in 921 Baby Blue for free!