Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My First MAC

After doing a lot of thinking, well, for weeks, I went to the mall last Sunday and bought my first MAC products. Ooh.. I'm so happy, I almost cry!

I was aiming for the foundation, compact powder and the 187 brush. I went to the counter and, thankfully, this lovely Make Up Artist was a really big help. I told her that I'm a rookie and I'm looking for Studio Fix. And she really took her time and showed me all the possible shades for me. I said, I was here before and tried the NC40 and NC 42, and I thought NC40 was the right shades for me. She asked me to sit in front of this huge mirror in the counter and brought NC40 and NC37. Then, she applied the NC40 on my chin. I could really see the yellow shade on my chin.. haha.. and she said that it looked so unnatural. So she removed it and applied the NC37 with the NC40 compact powder. She even offered me to try the NW35 with the NC40 compact powder to compare and she applied it along my jawline. Got confused, I told her I can't really make a decision right at that time because, although these two look natural on my skin, they might give different result under different lighting. So.. once again the MUA being so nice, she told me to go and walk around the mall and come back after I can really decide which shade is the right one for me. So I took a while wandering around the mall and came back after decided to take the NC37.

After finally made a decision about the foundation and the compact, I was still thinking about buying the 187 brush. Boy, that is one pricey brush! Once again, the MUA helped me by showing a collection of limited edition brushes. With this limited edition brushes, I got the 187 and 190, for foundation (and blush and bronzer..), the 194 for applying concealer and the 168 for contouring in one package. She honestly said that these brushes aren't the first quality, more like one level under the actual brushes. But it's still under MAC and it's enough if I'm just gonna use them for individual needs. I thought it was a pretty good deal, so I bought it!

My Studio Fix Fluid in NC37

Studio Fix in NC40

The Limited Edition Brushes
oohh.. so cute.. It comes with two pouches, the big one and the small one
You can see I already used them.. :D