Saturday, January 7, 2012

OPI It's My Year. Review and Swatch.

OPI It's My Year is from Miss Universe Collection. I'd describe it as purple plum with loads of gold fine shimmer. This shade immediately caught my eyes when I was browsing around through some polishes at Sephora, while I was in Singapore. This is kind of an embarrassing story. Ehm, I stood there next to nail polish rack, really took my time applying this polish on all of my finger nails, in two coats. Yup. Well, in my defense, I did purchase this in the end so it's not like I was taking advantage of the testers. Ha!

I really love the texture. Shimmery polishes have never given me any trouble in application. It applies smoothly and evenly. And dries quite fast too. I didn't even use Seche Vite the first time I applied it. (Again, I applied this at Sephora. There was no tester of Seche Vite that I could take advantage of.) One layer is a bit sheer, but the shimmers could distract you from the sheerness. Two layers is enough. But I want the purple base to really show up so I usually apply this in three coats. The shimmer is so fine. I love how the gold shimmers give a three dimensional look to my nails.

Believe me those pictures don't do the judge. It's kinda hard to capture the shimmer with my camera. It's actually a lot prettier in real life as the shimmer is a lot more dominating.

While I wear it, I don't really experience chipping. But after three or four days, the polish kind of fades at the tip and I can see the tip of my finger nails. I assume it's normal for most polishes. But it's been so long since I wore polishes for days, so someone feel free to correct me here (It's frown upon to wear nail polish in the hospital so my fingers have been nail-polish-free most of the time for almost two years now). In case of removing it, of course it could be a tad difficult the way shimmery polishes usually are. I can easily remove the base color but the shimmer usually stay. And if I try to rub those shimmer with cotton, I end up with shimmer all around my fingers. But I don't care! I love this polish so so so much.


Fifi said...

The color is beautiful and unique! There should be an eyeshadow in this shade.. a duochrome of purple with gold shimmer. There you go, me being an eyeshadow freak XD lol

I don't know if you've heard about it but there's actually an easier way to remove glitter polish! Kalo gak salah pake aluminium foil deh. Jadi kapasnya (yg udah dikasih remover) ditaruh di kuku terus dibungkus aluminium foil selama beberapa menit gitu, ntar jadi lebih gampang hapus glitternya. Or something like that because I wasn't really paying attention... XD

I'm glad you like Diorskin Nude! I thought I was weird because many trusty bloggers I follow seem to be "just OK" with it. It's probably because they live in a different climate... but I dunno. Anyway, you should do a comparative post between Diorskin Nude and Chanel Velvet Lumiere!

Marcelle said...

My sister also bought the foundation and she loves it too! Her skin is very oily and it says a lot when she likes a dewy foundation :D

Btw, I think I have goggle that aluminum foil trick. So tired of messy shimmer all over my fingers >_<