Saturday, January 14, 2012

NOTW+ OPI Nicki Minaj Haul

It's weekend again, means I can do my nails again! This time I do another pattern of marbling. This is inspired by Collete's design from mysimplelittlepleasures. Her tutorial is mostly marble nails. Perfect if you wanna start to do marble nails. She's so talented!

For this marble nails, I used green, yellow and gold. I don't remember the name of the green nail polish. I'll get back at you on that. The yellow one is OPI 'Need Sunglasses?' and the gold one is China Glaze 'Jingle Bells'. For the base, I put Revlon 'White on White' nail polish. Honestly I don't really like this combination as the colors are not too contrast so it doesn't look as colorful as marble nails usually do.

Anyway I learned another point in doing marble nails while I did this nails. Apparently, the temperature of the room is super important! I did this while I was in my room with my air conditioner on. I kept having trouble that the polishes dried very fast on water so I didn't have enough time to run my toothpick over it. And it took me 2 hours until I realized that! What de heck!? After hours, I finally dipped my finger into the water and found out that it was already cold, not in a room temperature anymore. Argh! Lesson learned, the hard way. I think I'm having intoxication right now from hours of inhaling nail polish. *vomit face* I decided to apply glitter nail polish on my ring finger in the end, because I was already too tired of re-doing my nails *damn you, perfectionist soul!*

As you can seem the green and the yellow polishes don't really compliment each other and almost look just the same instead. But I'm glad that I got to do stripes marble nails! I'll try other colors next time.

And here's my latest nail polish purchase.

I've been wanting to get OPI Nicki Minaj collection. The colors in the mini version are so so pretty. I decided to buy the full size. 'Pink Friday' looks pretty when placed side to side with other colors from the collection but looked kinda blah when I tried it on my nails. I'm still on the fence about purchasing 'Pink Friday', somebody please talk me into or out of this.

The nail polishes tat I purchased are 'Fly' (teal), 'Did It on 'Em' (chartreuse green) and 'Save Me' (silver glitter). Can't wait to do marble nails with those!

How about you? Did you get anything from OPI Nicki Minaj collection?