Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Review] Sariayu Etnika Nusa Tenggara. Kelimutu Eyeshadow Trio.

New collection of the annual Sariayu Color Trend has finally came out! Sariayu Color Trend is one of the most anticipated annual collection from Indonesian brand. At least for me. I'm always curious about what are they going to come up with, every year. Color Trend 2012 is inspired by Nusa Tenggara, hence the name Etnika Nusa Tenggara. This year's collection consists of two theme, Bena Collection and Kelimutu Collection. I was already curious about Color Trend 2012 since Fashionesedaily tweet about it at the launching of the collection.

I went to Martha Tilaar counter, unfortunately the closest Martha Tilaar counter didn't have the complete collection yet. Not that I wanted to buy them all, but I wanted to see the whole new products. I specifically wanted Kelimutu eyeshadow trio (back then I didn't know the name, but I wanted the 'blue eyeshadow trio') and that's the only eyeshadow trio at the counter. The sales lady told me the other trio from Bena collection is an earthy tones colors trio, so I decided that I don't need that. I went home with just Kelimutu eyeshadow trio.

Based on the product description, this eyeshadow trio is enriched with Pomegranate extract and vitamin E. As well as UV protection.

Now if you’ve been following Sariayu Color Trend, then you must have realized that they changed the packaging of the eyeshadow trio since last year. Size wise, it is obviously bigger. Before you got 3,6 grams of products. Now, with the new packaging, you get 7,5 grams which is a bit more than twice the previous amount but the price doesn’t rise twice as much. I love the fact that the new packaging has a transparent exterior so you can see what’s inside. The old packaging has picture all over the packaging, so you can’t tell which is which, unless you read the name in the back of the packaging. The opening is also different. The old one opens vertically while the new one opens horizontally but that doesn’t really matter to me.

If you’re not from Indonesia and wondering about the name, Kelimutu, it’s a name of mountain and lake in East Nusa Tenggara. This eyeshadow trio is inspired by the lake. Lake Kelimutu is a three-colored lake that changes color in an unpredictable time (Google for more info). Sariayu translates the colors of the lake into their eyeshadow trio. Cool idea.

The trio comes with a dual-ended sponge and brush application that doesn’t even worth to mention. I tried it and I must say, even broom feels softer on my skin. So forget it. If you purchased this, throw the applicator right away.

As for the eyeshadows, I’d describe the colors as lime green, turquoise and navy blue. I love how the colors are color-coordinated so you can wear all three together in one look. Like always, Sariayu doesn’t come up with highlight color. If you see the advertorial, you’ll see most of the time they do couture makeup more than daily makeup so the placement of the eyeshadow is unusual. Of course you can just add your own highlight color.

The finish of these three eyeshadows is shimmery. While the green and turquoise can really be described as shimmery the way they look in the pan, the navy blue looks shimmery in the pan but the shimmer doesn’t really translate when applied. It looks like a matte blue with blue sparkles. Out of the three, the navy blue is the one that has a drier texture and a little bit chalky when swatched, but it applied just fine and pigmented enough for a definition color. The turquoise and the green have a smoother texture. As for pigmentation, the green one is a bit sheer although a touch of primer could help. The turquoise, in my opinion, is the most stand out color in this trio. It has great texture and very pigmented. Merak Kasmaran trio from Color Trend 2009 also has a turquoise eyeshadow in it. In my eyes, both turquoise from Merak Kasmaran and Kelimutu look exactly the same.

Overall, I’m glad that Sariayu has something bold yet wearable to offer from their collection. Usually the brand comes up with earthy tones color that, at one point, will get boring. Or they come up with colors, but they’re usually too pastel or lean toward cool undertone. The idea of this palette reminds me a lot of Merak Kasmaran, which also has bold color combination. And mind you, Merak Kasmaran was pretty booming when launched. So hopefully the same thing will happen with this trio. The quality doesn’t disappoint. Some of the minor problems I previously mentioned isn’t going to stop you from having fun with this trio. After all, with the price tag, I can’t complain much. I’m just disappointed with the fact that the turquoise in this trio is a repetition from previous collection (and also the fact that the turquoise color is included in Sariayu 25th Anniversary Palette, I think we’ve had enough).

Sariayu Kelimutu eyeshadow trio is available at IDR 42k. Sariayu Martha Tilaar is partnering with WWF so with every purchase of each Sariayu product, IDR 500 will be donated for Mount Mutis Nature Reserve, Nusa Tenggara. There you go, beautify yourself while doing good deeds.

And here's some looks that I created using this trio. I tried to create a winged eyeshadow look but I guess that failed. Haha..I need to learn more.


Fifi said...

OK, seriously, if only they added a neutral-based highlight color into this palette, it would have been PERFECT. But for Rp 45.000, I would definitely choose this over international brands' trios/quads such as those from Maybelline or Revlon. I don't think I'm going to buy this trio any time soon because I've had similar colors already in my stash, but I'm glad there are finally local alternatives with reliable quality!

Great review and I love the look you did with it! :D

Pinkbuble said...

I like the color!!

Marcelle said...

Fifi: that's an interesting thought. you're right, Sariayu shimmery eyeshadow palette is way way better than Maybelline and even Revlon. But yeah, no base color. It's like they never learn!

Elrica: Me too! And this is coming from someone who doesn't wear colorful eye makeup. That's says a lot! lol

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Always knew that local products like Sari Ayu, Viva and Mustika Ratu have excellent quality despite the very affordable price, but only for the "perawatan" products! Never thought their decorative products have such amazing colors like this! Definitely will buy one! Or two.. or three, hehehe...

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