Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tips on Wearing Pixie Epoxy

No no no.. This is not a review. I don't need to review Pixie Epoxy, this baby sells itself.

Never heard about it? Let's start with an introduction. Let's just say, if you haven't tried any Fyrinnae products, my very first advice would be to visit this link and start browsing. Pixie Epoxy is Fyrinnae's idea of eyeshadow 'glue'. It is made to be worn underneath your eye makeup and hold the sparkliest, glitteriest (okay, those are not really words) eyeshadows you have. Just like another glitter glue, huh? Well, Pixie Epoxy also gives you the 'wet look' eye makeup without having to wet your brush or your eyeshadow. Still not convincing enough? How about a picture?

My point, exactly.

It comes in a tube with doe foot applicator. It literally looks like a white glue from outside. But once you apply this and blend it on your lid, it turns transparent. For $7 you get 10ml of products which doesn't seem like a lot but since you need just a small amount for each application, this one tube will last long enough.

This entry is just to give some tips on applying Pixie Epoxy. All based on my own experience. And here they are:
  1. Not a primer. Fyrinnae website specifically mention that this product is not a primer or base. It is recommended to put a primer first before applying Pixie Epoxy. However, I sometimes skip eye primer when wearing this and I don't have problems with my eye makeup fading at the end of the day. Then again, it's a trial and error thing.
  2. Pat pat pat away... Pixie Epoxy (Can I just call it PE from now on, only in this post?) has a sticky consistency (hence, this is an eyeshadow glue) so sweeping your brush wouldn't give you the smoothest result. I like patting my brush on top of this. Works a lot better. After you applied this, wait for it to dry a bit (it will still feel sticky) then pat your eyeshadow. I once applied my eyeshadow while PE was still wet and I had my eyeshadow sank into my eye fold.
  3. Doesn't need to be everywhere. Working with sticky base could be tricky. Sometimes it holds you from blending your eyeshadow. The thing with PE is that you need just a little bit of it. I usually put this on areas that don't require a lot of blending, and that would be my lid and my brow bone area. Inner corner would work as well. I don't like applying this on my crease as I need to blend a lot in that area. Then again, I don't wear glitter on my crease.
  4. Not suitable for matte. Just no. As if you didn't have enough problems with matte already. Applying PE underneath your mattes will make it super sticky to the base so you'll be having a hard time blending and the eyeshadow will look cakey. I learned it the hard way.
  5. If you didn't have this already, you need this!