Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Review] Real Techniques Blush Brush

Say hello to another addition to my Real Techniques brushes, this time is the Blush Brush.

After I ditched the uber-scratchy MAC 129, I was in the hunt for a decent blush brush. Considering I was in Real Techniques hysteria back then (Still is, actually. My other brush has just arrived. Yeay!), I decided to order the blush brush from this line. At a glance, Real Techniques Blush Brush is not the usual blush brush you usually see in the market. I mean, when was the last time you see an egg-shaped blush brush? 

Yeah, as weird as it sounds, it literally is a fluffy egg-shaped blush brush, with long bristles and tapered side. Like every Real Techniques, the bristles is made of cruelty free taklon bristles. The bristles feels really really really soft. Did I mention that it feels really soft? My previous Real Techniques brushes are all dense so they aren’t really described as soft when touched my skin. Now with this blush brush, I can really feel how soft it is, especially with MAC 129 as my previous brush.

Now, soft bristles is not always handy for some brushes. The bristles of this brush is longer than usual blush brush so it sways easily and the fact that it’s really soft made me a little bit worry that the brush won’t be able to pick up and transfer enough pigments on my cheeks. However, I was worrying over nothing. All my blushes show up fine. The egg-shape might be something that needs to take a while to get the hang of. However, once you get used to it, this brush blends effortlessly. I usually use swirling motion to pack on more pigments. Or just the tapered side to tame more pigmented blushes. 

Note that, just because a brush is named after one task, does not mean it’s the only thing the brush could do. Other than blush, this fluffy brush is also handy for dusting powder when I don’t want a lot of powder on my skin (which is all the time). Sam claims this brush could also be used for contouring, which I disagree. Contouring requires high precision, however the brush is too wide and fluffy so it won’t apply product accurately. I’d rather go with my Real Techniques Contour Brush from the Core Collection for that (after all, it’s in the name). On the other hand, I also use this brush to apply my bronzer since you don’t have to be really precise when applying bronzer. The tip of the brush is perfect for creating the E3 shape. 

The brush comes with pink aluminum handle and I've explained about Real Techniques color code in my previous entry. I love that it's ergonomically comfortable and lightweight. 

In a nutshell, once again Real Techniques impressed me with their product. The brush retails for $8.99 and I paid IDR 120k plus shipping for this brush. The price makes this brush even more perfect, in my opinion. Sam just added three new brushes to the line, and they are Setting brush, Fine Line brush and Expert Face brush. My latest purchase is Expert Face brush and I so can't wait to try it. Check this page out for complete Real Techniques collection.


Stephanie said...

I have been eyeing these brush brand for the longest time. Now that you've tried it, I guess I'll give it a go~ Always trusted your reviews. ^_^

Marcelle Yulianne said...

Stephanie: Wow.. that's quite a responsibility.. ahahaha *nervous chuckle* But in my opinion, this line is like a kick in the b**t for other more expensive brush lines. I'm not really into their eye brushes, but in general, it really deserves all the hype. Anyway, I hope what works on me would work on you as well :)

TiffanyLucas said...

Hi sis, if you don't mind, boleh tau ga beli real techniques di indo dmn yah? Ssh banget cari OL shop yg jual ini. Thanks a lot sis :)

Medina Sumendap said...

Hai, wanted to buy these brushes. Does Ulta ships to Indonesia? Thanks