Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When I Don't Play With My Makeup..

... I sing. Say hello to my other hobby.

When I received the announcement that I've passed my co-ass, I celebrated it by visiting a recording studio I've always wanted to visit instant recording. No reason at all, actually. Just for fun. For one time I want to sing songs that I love with the right key. It was my second visit there, though. The first time was years ago with my sister. But we picked stupid songs that I'm not even gonna tell you, I eventually lost the file.

The studio called Wanna-b studio. You've probably heard about it if you lived around South Jakarta. It's located at Jl. Ahmad Dahlan. The basic idea of instant recording is, you pick songs that you want, sing it in a studio while the staff records your voice. Then the staff burn it into a cd that you get to take home. There are two options, IDR 180k for 4 songs or IDR 200k for 5 songs + 1 main course (there's a cafe there). You also get to practice in between songs. Anyway, there is also a professional studio with better equipments for people who wants to record a demo or whatever. It's a lot more expensive, obviously.

I picked 4 songs for my session. As much as I wanted to add just IDR20k to get one more song and a free main course, I thought singing 4 songs continuously (plus practice in between) would be tiring. So I picked I Love The Way You Love Me by Boyzone; Everything by Michael Buble; Flying Without Wings by Westlife; and When You Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating. All male singers so it was kinda hard to adjust the base key, especially I Love The Way You Love Me. Thankfully the staff who assisted me that day was so patient.

Since this is just an instant recording, the process is super simple and the voice wasn't edited. Which means, mistakes could easily spotted. My voice was kind of shaky and un-pitched at some parts. But whatever. I sing just for fun.

Out of the results, Everything and When You Say Nothing at All are my favorites.So I embedded those two here. I recorded these two videos at home, edited it and added the songs. By the way, beware of constant hair-touching throughout the videos. I uploaded the video on my Facebook and my friend told me that me constantly fixing my hair is annoying. LoL! I've warned you!

My Cover of Ronan Keating's When You Say Nothing at All

My Cover of Michael Buble's Everything

I hope those voices don't do any damage to your ears.

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Gabby Pali said...

I think you still can improvise nicely although it is sang by a male singer :D.. I'm not really good at singing >,< haha

Stephanie said...

Congrats on passing the last exam~ Now, only one more to go~ btw, beautiful voice ♥ Will try the studio out sometime soon..

Felicia Permata said...

kayanya pas gathering musti ditodong nyanyiii! ahey. hahaha

Lena said...

astaga you're so talented! i'd totall buy your michael buble cover album :D